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Nestled in the southwestern section of McNairy County, you’ll find relaxing paddling at Big Hill Pond State Park.

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You’ll have to hike three miles to get out to Old Big Hill Pond. Once you get there, the paddling is about as relaxed as it gets.

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This pretty little state park often flies under the radar compared to better known locations around the Volunteer State, but overlooking Big Hill Pond State Park would be a mistake. You won’t find fancy facilities here, so the crowds are often small or nonexistent. When it comes to paddling, this is a great place for beginners, but is also the perfect location if you’re in a group of people who might not be quite as into paddling. Hikers can walk the day away while canoeists, kayakers, and paddleboarders live it up on the Old Big Hill Pond.

What Makes It Great

The paddling on Old Big Hill Pond is super easy and ideal for those just starting out. The only trick is that you have to hike three miles to get to it, but that also means you may have it all to yourself. The pond feels very secluded, with cypress trees all around, and you can fish from the banks. The 165-acre Travis McNatt Lake is also open to fishing (bass, bream, and catfish), but only boats with electric motors are permitted on the water.

Camping is also an option in Big Hill Pond State Park, so if you want to spend a week or a weekend paddling and hiking at the park, you can stay for awhile. This place isn’t overflowing with amenities, so if you’re chasing after solo sunrise paddles, you’re pretty much guaranteed to find that here. Last, but certainly not least, there’s plenty of hiking to keep you busy when you retire your watercraft, including a trail that leads to an old fire tower for killer views of the park.

Who is Going to Love It

Big Hill Pond State Park is one of those places that simply has something for practically everyone. Fishermen and women will be happy with the option of casting a line, passionate paddlers will be pleased by the solitude, and those traveling with paddling fanatics will be happy with the other options that the park offers for those that don’t want to be on the water all the time. Camping is an option too, but since it’s not the fanciest, it’s those who like to rough it a bit that will be the most at home in the sites at Big Hill Pond State Park.

Directions, Parking, & Regulations

Big Hill Pond State Park is at 1435 John Howell Road in Pocahontas, almost 93 miles east of Memphis.

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Big Hill Pond State Park

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