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The Wolf River is a well-known river that gets a lot of attention for its pristine paddling and scenic hardwood forests.

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Destination Distance From Downtown

46.1 miles


2 of 5 diamonds


Time To Complete

1-6 Hours Depending on Section


All Seasons

Dog Friendly


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Within the Tennessee lines, boat launches for the wonderful Wolf River can be found in numerous areas such as La Grange, Moscow, Ghost River (section), or Germantown. Beginning at the Northeastern section is the La Grange area. With it’s luscious section of multiple ecosystems, it is a great start to get the best views. As you continue to float down the river, you will enter the Moscow section. This section is unique and carries fantastic wildlife scenery as well. You can hop off and grab a case of beer from the local brewery (Ghost River Brewing Co.) before you venture off.

The Wolf River water tends to have different levels at various times so it would be advised to check the local hydrology website to obtain information before going on your adventure. Most sand bars can be seen a good distance down the river.


Paddling with a group of people that have experienced the Wolf is always a great idea. As banks are high with little run offs, it can sometimes become a great tool to have when you are with a group. In the La Grange and Moscow sections, there are run offs but they typically dead-end; same goes with the Germantown and Walnut Grove sections – these sections are further down the river located near Shelby Farms.


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Wolf River

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