Otherlands Coffee Bar

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Otherlands is probably the best coffee shop in Memphis, offering a colorful atmosphere with delicious coffee and treats, plenty of seating, and local artwork and live music.

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Ry Glover


In a day and age when so many coffee shops blend together and fail to impress in any unique sort of way, Otherlands comes along and gives coffee lovers renewed hope. The vibrant atmosphere is replete with colorfully-painted walls adorned with local artwork and photography. The coffee and food selections are artful in their own way- they’ve got the best cinnamon toast in Memphis, as well as a very delicious turkey and cheese melt, and plenty of other tasty treats and snacks. They also have live music, which is often very good. (It is Memphis, after all).
But perhaps the main thing that sets this shop apart from the rest is its sheer size. The main room is stocked full of interestingly painted tables and chairs, which comfortably seat upwards of 25 people. In the adjacent rooms, you’ll find another tabled and chaired room that often gets plenty of welcomed sunlight, and in the final room in the back, you’ll find a very cozy, quiet place to lounge in comfy chairs. There’s even a large back porch where you can hangout, when the Memphis heat isn’t too suppressing. 
 Whether you’re doing work on your laptop, lounging with a book, or hanging out with friends, Otherlands Coffee Bar is probably the best option in Memphis.

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Otherlands Coffee Bar

641 Cooper St
Memphis, TN, 38104
35.128311, -89.990817

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