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Shelby Farms Park is one of the largest urban parks in the US, and it offers excellent hiking, trail running, mountain biking, and paddling opportunities.

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Destination Distance From Downtown

12.1 miles


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Time To Complete

1-3 hours


All Seasons

Dog Friendly

Yes, leashed

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Shelby Farms Conservancy
Within the city limits of Memphis, Tennessee lies a beautiful park that accommodates many hobbies, whether you enjoy hiking, cycling, paddling, running, or even just going out for a relaxing day in nature. Shelby Farms Conservancy is one of the twenty largest urban parks in the United States with a total of eight hundred and forty three acres to spend your time on. It is located twenty miles from Downtown Memphis – but if you commute with your bike you can hop onto the Greenline.
What Makes it Great
Throughout Shelby Farms, you can find a trail no matter where you stand. Hiking and biking trails meander every which way allowing you to observe the gorgeous wildlife and nature that this hot spot provides. With four lakes, twenty-six miles of known trails, and designated spots for your hobbies, you won’t get bored of this beautiful park, and the scenery will take your breath away.
Shelby Farms Greenline
Otherwise known as the Greenline, this is a six and a half mile long urban trail that stretches from Shelby Farms to Tillman Street in the Binghampton neighborhood (near midtown). The Greenline is a multi-use trail that is great for all wheels (no vehicles!), running, and even hiking. It cuts through the center of Shelby Farms and is a great alternative route for commuting to the other side of the city.
Who is Going to Love It
No matter if you are an amateur, experienced, or just want to enjoy a relaxing day, you will find what you love to do and enjoy it out on this park. It holds a special place in the city of Memphis that everyone can be a part of.
Parking, Trailheads and Regulations
Shelby Farms Conservancy is open sevens days a week from dusk till dawn with no specific closings unless it is posted on their website. So get your gear and your dogs and head on over to the Park. Note that dogs must be leash at all times until you reach Beaver Lake where they can go for a swim!
There are unofficial parking spaces spread throughout the park that you can park your vehicle(s). On fantastic days Shelby Farms can be congested with outdoorsy people just like you so please be kind to the management and don’t park on the grass!
Your Experience
What was your experience? Did you leave the Park with new hobbies that you didn’t expect? Lets hear what you have say! Leave your comments here – or post a photo!

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Shelby Farms Park

500 North Pine Lake Drive
Memphis, TN, 38134
35.144068, -89.834774

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