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  1. Constructing a Boundary Waters Base Camp: A New Home for the Big City Mountaineers

    The story of how the Big City Mountaineers are helping to mentor underprivileged youths in the gorgeous natural sanctuary of the Boundary Waters Canoe Area.

  2. 6 Reasons Why Door County is a Must-Visit Winter Destination

    Door County, Wisconsin, may be one of the Midwest’s most popular summer spots, but if offers plenty of winter thrills on the snow and ice.

  3. The Top 5 Dog Sledding Adventures in Minnesota

    From short rides to multi-day mushing trips, northern Minnesota features plenty of dog sledding options to explore the Northwoods and beyond.

  4. The 8 Best Places to Ski and Snowboard in Minnesota

    From easily-accessible hills to weekend getaways with plenty of vertical, you can find plenty of places to ski and snowboard in Minnesota.

  5. Explore These 10 Places to Snowshoe Around the Twin Cities

    From easy-to-access urban trails to outdoor solitude a short drive away, the Twin Cities offers plenty of excellent places to snowshoe.

  6. The 7 Best Fat Biking Trails in Minnesota

    From isolated, forested trails to packed singletrack close to home, these fat biking destinations offer the best winter riding in Minnesota.

  7. Ice Climbing in Minnesota Off to a Rocky Start

    Warm weather has meant a slow start to season for ice climbing in Minnesota, but there are still opportunities to tackle this winter thrill.

  8. 5 Outdoor Adventures That Make Minocqua a Must-Visit Winter Playground

    The small but mighty town of Minocqua, Wisconsin, offers countless options for skiing, snowshoeing, and other ways to enjoy the snow.

  9. The 7 Best Places to Cross Country Ski in the Twin Cities

    Groomed trails, wooded escapes, night skiing, and even man-made snow highlight these destinations to cross country ski in the Twin Cities.

  10. 6 Ways to Explore Minnesota’s Second Largest Wildlife Refuge

    The Sherburne National Wildlife Refuge, just an hour from the Twin Cities, provides an animal sanctuary—and lots of room for you to explore.

  11. Top 11 Things to Do Along Wisconsin’s Great River Road

    The 250 miles of Wisconsin’s Great River Road feature scenic hikes, great bike rides, and charming small towns along the Mississippi River.

  12. The Fight to Keep the Mississippi River Clean and Natural

    Friends of the Mississippi River have worked tirelessly to ensure that the Twin Cities most important waterway remains safe for recreation.

  13. 8 Halloween Races to Earn Your Candy in the Twin Cities

    The Twin Cities are packed with Halloween races for runners of all abilities. Dress up in costume or shoot for a PR at these fun events.

  14. How the Minneapolis Bicycle Coalition is Making it Easier to Bike the Twin Cities

    The Minneapolis Bicycle Coalition has found success in providing ways to get people on two-wheels for fun and transport around the city.

  15. Top 7 Adventures on the St. Croix National Scenic Riverway

    Paddling, trail running, hiking and climbing are just some of the outdoor adventures available along the St. Croix National Scenic Riverway.

  16. Experience the Thrills at Minnesota’s Very Own Velodrome

    The National Sports Center Cycling Velodrome in Blaine, Minn., attracts cyclists and spectators to high-banked turns at breakneck speeds.

  17. Living a Year in the Wild in Minnesota’s Boundary Waters

    Dave and Amy Freeman will live the next year in the wilderness of Minnesota's boundary waters to raise awareness of mining in the area.

  18. A Quick Guide to the Best Mountain Biking in the Twin Cities

    From the smooth singletrack at Minnesota River Bottoms, to the tight turns at Battle Creek Park, here's our guide to some of the best mountain biking in Minneapolis.

  19. Enjoying the National Park That Runs Through the Twin Cities

    The Mississippi River and National Recreation Area, part of the national park system, features plenty of recreational opportunities.

  20. Top 7 Things to do at Minnesota State Parks this Summer

    You can fine plenty of things to do at Minnesota State Parks this summer, including camping, biking, trail running, paddling and climbing.

  21. The Top 6 Paddling Routes in the Twin Cities

    Creeks, rivers, and chains of lakes—Minneapolis has it all. Here, a guide to some of the best flat water paddling routes in the Twin Cities.

  22. Everything You Need to know About Flat Water Paddling in the Twin Cities

    A quick and dirty guide to the best flat water paddling in the Twin Cities area—from the easy accessibility of the Chain of Lakes to the unmatched serenity along the Rum River.

  23. The Ultimate Biking Beer Tour of Minneapolis

    This ultimate biking beer tour of Minneapolis takes riders between some of the best taprooms in the most brewery-dense area of the city.

  24. 7 of the Best Trail Running Destinations near Minneapolis

    Minnesota is full of wild places to explore on foot. Here is a guide to some of the best trail running in Minneapolis and beyond.

  25. 7 Paddling Experts in the Twin Cities

    Home to more than 10,000 lakes, it's no surprise that Minnesota has a lot to offer paddling enthusiasts. Here are the places that can help you get on the water in the Twin Cities.

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