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  1. The Best Places to Rent a Bike in Minneapolis

    With 118 miles of on-street bikeways and 92 miles of off-street bikeways, there are plenty of reasons to rent a bike in Minneapolis.

  2. 8 Best Places to Camp Around the Twin Cities Metro Area

    From sunny lakeside sites to heavily wooded options, here are arguably the 8 best places to camp in Minneapolis and the Twin Cities metro.

  3. A Conversation About Minnesota's Bright Mountain Biking Future

    We sat down with the director of the Minnesota Off-Road Cyclists to discuss the bright future of mountain biking in the Twin Cities area.

  4. SUP Summer Escape Minneapolis

    The best places to learn and enjoy SUP, or stand-up paddleboarding, in and around Minneapolis, Minnesota.

  5. A Quick and Dirty Guide to Trail Running near Minneapolis

    With over 20 trails in the metro area—home to prairiess, ravines, and forests—here's a quick guide to the trail running near Minneapolis.

  6. The Top 7 Mountain Bike Destinations in the Twin Cities

    From city parks to farther-out open spaces, here is a guide to some of the best mountain bike destinations in the Twin Cities area.

  7. Top 10 Places to Hike in the Twin Cities Metro Area

    Get off the beaten path, yet stay within city limits with this guide to some of the places to hike in the Twin Cities metro area.

  8. Top 8 Spring and Summer Adventures in Grand Marais

    There's no shortage of memorable outdoor adventures in Grand Marais—a small harbor town on Lake Superior that's brimming with possibilities.

  9. The Best Whitewater in the Lake Superior Basin

    Surprising as it may be, some of the toughest whitewater paddling in the country can be found in North Shore waters around Lake Superior.

  10. A Conversation with the Grammy Award-Winning Okee Dokee Brothers

    The Grammy-winning, Minneapolis-based Okee Dokee Brothers bring their outdoor experiences to bluegrass music for kids and adults alike.

  11. Solo Summiting the Highest Peak in North America

    In January 2015, Minnesota native Lonnie Dupre became the first person to summit Mt. Denali in January. We sat down with him to discuss this spectacular feat.

  12. An Insider's Guide to the Apostle Islands Ice Caves

    Widely considered the most magical place in Northern Wisconsin the Apostle Islands ice caves, are spectacular for winter exploration.

  13. Minnesotan Caitlin Gregg Wins Bronze at World Championships

    Caitlin and Brian Gregg measure success in a different way. Giving back to their community means as much as Olympic medals.

  14. Made in Minnesota: The Birthplace of Fat Biking

    Minnesota is the perfect place for fat biking, which is probably why so many local Twin Cities companies are helping you gear up for your ride.

  15. 6 Expert Tips for Getting into the Wonderful World of Snowshoe Racing

    If you're a runner looking to stoke your competitive fire when the temperature drops and the snow falls, look no further than snowshoe racing.

  16. Snowshoeing 101 for Minneapolitans

    Requiring little in the way of technique, snowshoeing is one of those activities that can be enjoyed by anyone, and it's a great way to get outside during the winter.

  17. Getting in the Right Frame of Mind: Q&A with Framed Bikes

    Framed Bikes is a Minneapolis biking brand that's riding the wave of the fat biking boom and attracting a whole new group of riders in its wake.

  18. The Top 10 Après-ski Joints in Minneapolis

    When winter strikes in the Twin Cities, one of the greatest things to do is indulge in warm comfort food after a day on the trails. Here are the best Après-ski Joints in Minneapolis.

  19. Q&A With the All-City X Fulton Brewery Cyclocross Racing Team

    The All-City X Fulton Brewery Cyclocross Racing Team is a competitive group of riders who also know how to have a good time.

  20. 7 Pro Tips on Winter Running in Minneapolis

    Winter running in Minneapolis is often easier than winter driving--it's one of the charms of the city. But there are things you need to know.

  21. Q&A: Mill City Running in Minneapolis

    We sat down with Jeff Metzdorff of Mill City Running to discuss he and his wife's new little running shop that's been making big strides for the community.

  22. Skate Skiing 101: Where to Learn in Minneapolis

    Skate skiing is the zippier alternative to the classic technique, and there are plenty of places in the Minneapolis metro to pick it up.

  23. Q&A With Fleet Feet Marathon Sports

    We sat down with one of Minneapolis' most loved running stores, Fleet Feet Marathon Sports, to discuss what makes them such a unique shop.

  24. 9 Experience-Based Gifts for Outdoor-Loving Minnesotans

    Instead of spending your money on another material present, here a 9 experienced-based gifts for your outdoor-loving member of the family.

  25. Six Expert Tips For Winter Biking in Minneapolis

    Winter biking in Minneapolis might just be the fastest-growing segment among the four seasons, proving Minnesotans love the outdoors no matter what the thermometer reads.

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