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  1. Q&A with Ultra Runner Amy Clark

    We sat down with Minneapolis runner Amy Clark to talk about her running routine, what keeps her moving and why jogging in the cold is fun.

  2. Amy Clark: Dirt Sparkle

    Listening to Amy Clark describe her passion for trail running, you want to end the call, throw on a pair of shoes and head for the woods.

  3. Blood, Sweat, Vomit, & Tears

    It was a day to forget for RootsRated Editor, Louis Dzierzak, at this year's IRONMAN Wisconsin, finishing the event with blood on his face and a dislocated shoulder.

  4. Paddling the Boundary Waters of Minnesota

    The Boundary Water Canoe Area of Minnesota is a truly beautiful wilderness area with plenty of history, culture, and adventure.

  5. Minneapolis Underwater

    Minneapolis has, for the most part, grown used to Mother Nature and her constant curve balls, but recent summer rains have flooded many favorite local trails.

  6. Northstar Rising

    Bell Canoes are back under the new name of, Northstar, and they're as timeless, classic and durable as ever, perfect for the Boundary Waters.

  7. ArtCrank

    ArtCrank uses creativity and art to change the way people think about cycling and biking in Minneapolis and elsewhere.

  8. Try Fly

    In April, Patagonia will launch Try Fly for Simple Fly Fishing in Minneapolis, geared toward teaching people how to learn the sport.

  9. Ironman in April

    Minnesota Ironman bike tour 2014

  10. Mammoth Gravel Classic

    The Mammoth Gravel Classic is an endless network of gravel roads, and for race rounder Frank Lundeen, it's unadulterated advernture.

  11. 30 Days of Biking

    30 Days of Cycling was founded in Minneapolis to motivate local riders to make a pledge to ride every day in April.

  12. Snow Motion

    Fat Bikes are the perfect way to explore Minneapolis during its long, snowy winters.

  13. Q&A with Boulder Nordic Sport

    Minneapolis is arguably one of the top cross country ski towns in the US, which is why it came as no surprise when Boulder Nordic Sport announced they would be opening a Twin Cities location this past fall.

  14. The Brutal Arrowhead Ultra 135

    135 miles of freezing winds and deep snow test the limits of cold weather athletes in one of the world's great endurance events.

  15. Winged Foot Club Embraces the Cold

    Some of the hardiest runners in North America, the Winged Foot Club runs the Twin Cities' trails regardless of polar vortex temperatures.

  16. An Insider’s Guide to Theodore Wirth Park

    The weather may be unpredictable this time of year, but Theodore Wirth Park offers outdoor excitement both before and after the snow comes.

  17. 8 Minnesota Hiking Trails to Enjoy the Best Fall Foliage

    Take advantage of the fall foliage while at lasts at these Minnesota hiking trails that are at their most scenic this time of the year.

  18. Q&A with Ultra Runner Kurt Decker

    Minneapolis based runner Kurt Decker talks about his love of trails and why he runs outdoors in the Minnesota winter!

  19. Gear Junkie

    Stephen Regenold started Gear Junkie in 2002, and quickly the column became a nationally syndicated source for real world gear reviews.

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