Red Rock Bakery and Cafe

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Red Rock Bakery & Cafe is the local coffee shop you dream of finding in every town. Good coffee, free WiFi, home made baked goods, a local newspaper and resident artist that creates in the coffee shop.

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Sallie Shatz


Red Rock Bakery and Café is the coffee shop you hope to find in every town when you are on the road. Located on the main drag, their bike rack is usually full. Sitting at the counter, or at one of the tables, you will overhear local guides talking about their outings, local politics and of course the weather. It is a family owned establishment that you feel instantly a part of when you shake off your on-the-road-attitude and settle in. It’s the perfect place to drink great coffee, enjoy excellent baked goods, read a newspaper that you can purchase there or just sit and relax.
Artist Greg McDonald’s work graces the walls and will take you into mystical faraway thoughts that only a coffee on vacation will allow. McDonald spends part of his day there painting and his work, which is for sale from the walls or in card form above the newspaper rack is dated with the dated it was created.
It’s the perfect mellow vibe for when you need to get some work done on the road, read on a rainy day or, on Sunday, when the library’s free computers are not accessible, access a computer. Warning, on Sunday, that computer is a hot commodity. There is also free Wi-Fi available at a decent speed.
Their sticky buns, a must have, could feed an entire family or fuel the longest run or mountain bike ride of your life. All the baked goods- scones, muffins, breads, bagels and massive cookies are made daily. Their coffee is roasted locally with a roaster made in the 1900’s imported from San Francisco. The roaster delivers it himself and usually hangs out chatting afterwards.
This site used to be a Subway sandwich shop before Red Rock Bakery

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Red Rock Bakery and Cafe

74 N Main St.
Moab, UT, 84532
38.574127, -109.550759

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