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100 ft. tall by 100 ft. wide patch of steep sand to hike and play in. Great place to let your kids wear themselves out before or after a long car ride to or from Moab.

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Sallie Shatz


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4.1 miles


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2 hours

It's easy to spend an hour or two playing around on the hill.


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No matter what day of the week, if the sun is up, there is sand frolicking fun in the works in this 100 ft. tall 100 ft. wide steep patch of sand. Expect to see snow sleds, dogs goofing off and kids of all ages running down (usually wiping out). It’s just plain, goofy fun. It’s the perfect place to shake off the drive to Moab or have one last hurrah before a long drive.

What Makes It Great

No matter what time of day, someone is always playing on this sand hill. Some days, there can be 100 people there playing, other days only a couple families. It’s a great place to kid be a kid. Bring a snow sled and plan on getting covered in sand after an inevitable wipeout.

Who is Going to Love It

Hopefully, we are all kids at heart and remember what silly play is. If you love being that kind of kid, you will love this. If you have forgotten how to be that kind of youngster, it will remind you of how innocent, silly play is. Go have fun! For fun before you go, check out the Moab Sand Hill race on YouTube.

Directions, Parking, & Regulations

The Moab Sand Hill is across the street from the entrance to Arches National Park. There is a huge parking area. Be careful turning into and pulling out of the sand dune parking area, there are fast moving cars and trucks.

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Sand Hill

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