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Nineteen miles of stellar, well planned intermediate and advanced mountain biking trails with gorgeous scenery. Deep sand and goofy fun slickrock mountain biking trails.

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Sallie Shatz


19.0 miles

Destination Distance From Downtown

13.1 miles


3 of 5 diamonds

Time To Complete

5 hours

3-5 hours


All Seasons

Dog Friendly


Dogs are technically allowed, but highly discouraged due to heat, lack of water and sharp slickrock.

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Navajo Rocks



Navajo Rocks mountain biking trails are nineteen miles of intermediate trails with outrageous views. Silly fun slickrock, deep sand surrounded by cactus and crytonmite soil. Not far from town these trails offer a bunch of variety as well as the ability to hook up with the Gemini Bridges/Magnificent 7 trail system.

What Makes It Great

Highly recommend the Rocky Tops, have a snack on the feeling like the top of the slickrock world taking in the view. If you take Rocky Tops trail clockwise, just below that lunch spot is a super fun steep side slanted slope to bike along. It will make you giggle. Make a loop seeing both sides of 313, the road to Canyonlands/Dead Horse Point State Park and hook up with Middle Earth and Ramblin. Ramblin’ has outrageous views on Monitor and Merrimac buttresses as well as usually unseen little canyons along the way.

These trails are part of the Moab Trail Mix/ MTA efforts of addition high quality mountain bike trails in BLM areas. They are hardly on the maps. These trails are worth exploring. Buy a $2 map of the trails and go have some fun.

Who is Going to Love It

These are intermediate and advanced level trails. The sand is deep and will try to eat you. The slickrock is sticky and seemingly impossible feats of traction will be the fun. This is not a beginner area. Before going here, go to the Intrepid Trails at Dead Horse State Park, Bar M trails and gain some experience and confidence before jumping into this area. You will be taking your bike for a long walk if you are a beginner on these trails. The trails are also lined with cactus, so, if you fall, you will look like a porcupine.

Directions, Parking, & Regulations

From Moab, go north on 191 towards I-70. Take a left on 313 go 7. 2 miles and park in one of the two dirt pullouts. The second pullout has a sign that says Navajo Rocks. There are no fees to use this area. 

It is BLM so there are also no restrictions on dogs. BUT, be careful, with this much slickrock, it will tear up your dogs’ pads. Please pick up after your dog.

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Navajo Rocks

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