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Pipe Dream is a beautiful rolling trail above Moab and along the wall that defines the western side of town. It can be an out and back or a loop covering up to 9.4 miles and 1000 vertical feet.

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9.4 miles

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3.7 miles


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3 hours

2-3 hours


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Pipe Dream is a trail built by in coordination of Trail Mix and the MTA. It’s a great out and back trail covering 9.4 miles to the west of town 300 ft. off the valley floor, or can be shortened to an 8.2 mile loop by dropping to the 4x4 road below. There is about 1000 vertical foot gain over the run, if doing the whole loop. As part of its construction, giant slabs of rock were used to make the trail giving it a follow the yellow brick road feel or rock hopping sensation. This is a super trail for later on a hot day, as the sun will go behind the rock wall to the west of the trail.

What Makes It Great

With access from town or a few miles south of town, its convenience can’t be beat. It has great views of Moab, the Spanish Valley and the La Sal Mountains. It is a rolling, fun trail with surfaces of compacted dirt and large stone swaths that turn sections of the run into a cross between hopscotch and rockhopping fun. Tight swooping turns add the fun of feeling like a racecar on a European mountain road. For its proximity to town it is surprisingly quiet. Stop and listen to the wind in the cliffs above you. Be on the look out for the fun tunnel, perfect place for a selfie! 

There are options with this trail - it can be done as an out and back for a 9.4 mile run, it can be made easier dropping to the 4x4 trail below making the loop 8.2 miles. Or, for more fun, connect it with the(hyperlink to Hidden Valley/Moab Rim Trail) bringing the total to 16 miles and 3,200 ft. vertical gain. 

This trail is part of a concerted effort of MTA and Trail Mix, a mixed group of outdoor enthusiasts, from many backgrounds of thought to continue to create more single track trails in Grand County.

Who is Going to Love It

With gentle rolling ups and downs, and the ability to turn around at any point as well as drop 300 feet to a level 4x4 trail, every trail runner would love this. You can add challenge by going the full distance out and back,or even connect to (Hidden Valley/Moab Rim) to make it into a substantial outing. This is a great trail for later on a hot day as it goes into the shade of the wall of rock that defines Moab’s western boundary. 

There is no water at the trailhead or along the trail, pack plenty of water, use sunscreen and know your limits in heat.

Directions, Parking, & Regulations

There is no fee for using this area, it is on BLM land. There are multiple entrances to this trail. At the south end, it shares a parking lot with the Hidden Valley Trail. The trailhead is accessible via AngelRock Road, three miles south of town on route 191. Angel Rock Road is just south of the Grand County Search and Rescue (you will see the radio tower). Take a right heading west on Angel Rock Road, at the T, turn left heading north and the trailhead will become visible to your left.

This is BLM land, dogs are allowed but it is suggested that you leash and/or be able to keep your dog under control. Please pack out their waste and consider temperatures and carrying water for your dog. Remember with dogs if they are coming out of the ski resorts with a winter of running on snow, that their paws will need time to get tougher before being able to do longer ventures.

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Pipe Dream Trail Run

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