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Cycling to Adams, TN appeals to road cyclists looking to find a quaint stop along the road to refresh and refuel. Local attractions and restaurants provide further opportunities to be diverted on route.

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Christy Tedrow


46.0 miles

A suggested route is included, however, the distance ultimately depends on the route customized by each rider.

Destination Distance From Downtown

32.4 miles


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Rolling terrain, ride length and lack of bike specific facilities, although typical of most road rides in the area, make this more challenging than a greenway or some other designated bike trails.

Time To Complete

3 hours

Averaging 15+ miles per hour with minimal stops will complete the ride in about 3 hours. Riding slower or stopping for lunch, etc. will extend the time proportionately.


All Seasons

Mild Tennessee winters permit riding on most days. Cyclists should use caution during severe or icy weather. Fall foliage is spectacular along this route.

Dog Friendly


Fees Permits


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Adams Cycling



This route describes a ride to Adams, TN that will appeal to road riders of all types. A few moderate climbs, country roads, historic curiosities, and local charm are found along the way. Routes can be fully customized based on fitness level, interests and time available to each cyclist.

What Makes It Great

The pleasure of this cycling route comes from riding in a country setting with periodic stops available for refreshment and refueling. Attractions in Adams such as the Bell Witch Cave or Red River Canoe offer a chance to turn the ride into a tour. While fine dining is noticeably absent, local eateries provide hot sandwiches or meat and three style plates. Regular bike traffic has somewhat accustomed the locals to seeing cyclists on the road and in their establishments giving the town a welcoming and safer feel.

Routes may be fully customized based on the desired ride distance or even the rider’s preference for more or less challenging climbs. This route suggestion is designed to avoid many of the more challenging sections; however, roads such as Rosson Road may be easily added for those wanting a few more hills. Starting in Springfield or Clarksville will lengthen the ride. Sadlersville Road provides a simple shortcut. Local riders have several routes published on Ride with GPS . Search within 25 miles of Adams, TN with the keyword Adams for multiple options.

Although one of the most scenic roads on the route, Carr Road has the worst riding surface, composed of old chip and seal that needs replaced, and requires some additional climbing. If this is worrisome, both Mud Cat and Kinneys Roads are good alternatives. MudCat is the less heavily traveled and flatter option but more likely to have surface issues or roaming dogs. Kinney’s Road is more heavily traveled with limitedshoulders but popular with local cyclists due to its smooth asphalt surface.

Restrooms and water are available at Port Royal State Park. Restaurants and convenience stores are both found in Adams. Those riding from Springfield or Clarksville will find numerous other options.

Who is Going to Love It

Cyclists that enjoy road riding will find something to love riding in this area. The rolling terrain, fields of livestock and crops, tobacco barns and sparse traffic provide a peaceful ride all within a short distance of civilization and necessary pit stops.

Directions, Parking, & Regulations

Choice of parking will depend upon the intended length of the route. The suggested route  starts at Coopertown Middle School where parking is permitted when school isn’t in session. On school days the public parking lot beside the Wendy’s restaurant in Pleasant View a few miles away provides another option. From Pleasant View, riding Jack Teasley Road to Sandy Springs Road is a nice way to rejoin the suggested route .

Alternatively, parking is available at Port Royal State Park along the route or at the historic Bell School (no longer a school) in Adams. If riding from Springfield, J. Travis Price and Garner Street parks offer restrooms and parking.

Caution is advised through Adams as Highway 41 is narrow, rumbled and is used by large trucks and farm vehicles. Fortunately, traffic isn’t heavy and motorists tend to give cyclists a wide berth.

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Adams, TN

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