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If you've ever wanted to complete a 100 mile ride or possible beat your best time, this Clarksville Century ride is an exciting option. Pristine asphalt, marked roads, and quaint towns along the way create an experience worth sharing. Or repeating.

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Christy Tedrow


100.0 miles

There are also 33 and 62 mile options.

Destination Distance From Downtown

37.6 miles


3 of 5 diamonds

The length of the route warrants more than two stars; however, shorter options are available.

Time To Complete

4 hours

Hammerheads that average 25 mph will finish in 4 hours. Those riding at a slower pace or exploring stops along with way will take much longer.


All Seasons

Mild TN winters permit riding most days year round. Caution should be used on the hottest days. On rare icy days, roads may be treacherous. Winds may be fierce in some seasons and worth checking prior to starting your ride.

Dog Friendly


These are public roads.

Fees Permits




If you’ve ever wanted to complete a century ride or see just how fast one can be done, this Clarksville route is one of the best. Organizers of the official Labor Day ride call it “fast and easy.” With a course record of 3:43:41 set in 2014, it is blazing fast and fun for all level riders all year long. 

What Makes It Great

The Clarksville Century Ride combines smooth pavement, mostly rural roads and largely flat terrain to create an ideal road ride. Shorter route options are available for riders not interested in a full century but wanting to enjoy a great outing. The routes pass through small communities and towns just often enough to provide rest stops and opportunities to refill bottles. You might spot a horse and buggy.

Opportunities to turn your ride into a day tour are numerous. Whether you prefer wineries or antique shops, you’ll find them on this route. If you ride the full 100 miles, a stop at the square in Elkton, KY is highly recommended. Local shops and restaurants offer places to rest and find refreshment or amusement. Stops along the shorter routes are a bit more difficult to find but do exist. A convenience store in Guthrie, KY provides one of the few pit stop options along the 33 mile route. 62 mile riders will find other options in Trenton and Tiny Town.

Since this route is used for organized rides, the roads are marked with painted arrows in colors that correspond to the route length. While using a cue sheet or GPS is highly recommended, the arrows provide further assistance. The 33 mile route is marked in white, the 62 mile in green, and the 100 mile route is yellow. For GPS users, search sites like Ride with GPS or Map My Ride with the keywords Clarksville Sunrise for downloadable route maps. 

Road hazards are limited but use caution at the multiple railroad crossings. Although dogs are not typically an issue along the route, this is a rural area so it’s possible one could be running loose.

Who is Going to Love It

Road cyclists of all abilities will love this ride. Hammer heads will never shift out of their big chainrings while the rest of us enjoy the scenery and other diversions. The only thing missing is big climbs. For most of us, that’s a plus.

Directions, Parking, & Regulations

Riders typically park at Rossview High School when schools aren’t in session. If you’re lucky enough to ride on a week day during the school year, a church just across Rossview Road from the school has a large lot that should be a safe place to park with little change to the total length of the route. 

Since these are open roads, standard traffic laws apply. In TN it’s legal to pass through a red light after a reasonable wait time due to the inability of some sensors to detect the presence of a bicycle. It is not (yet) legal to roll through stop signs and red lights. If unfamiliar with TN cycling laws, the Fogbees cycling group provides some great information with additional resource links.

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