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If quaint towns and rolling countryside give you a reason to bring out the bike, a ride to Cross Plains, TN won't disappoint. The peaceful rural roads will hum under your tires and the local eateries please your palate.

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Christy Tedrow


21.0 miles

The suggested beginner route is 21 miles; however, the route is fully customizable.

Destination Distance From Downtown

26.8 miles


3 of 5 diamonds

The route is all on public roads with some climbing required.

Time To Complete

2 hours

The suggested beginner ride is only 21 miles which can be completed by most riders in 2 hours or less. Adding additional miles or exploring the attractions in Cross Plains will increase the time commitment.


All Seasons

Provided riders avoid stormy or icy weather, the route can be ridden year round.

Dog Friendly


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Cross Plains, TN



If quaint communities and local diversions are ideal components of your road rides, Cross Plains, TN warrants a visit. Watering holes range from a 100 year old drug store to a modern convenience store to fuel your ride as you loop through the rolling countryside.

What Makes It Great

With the exception of the lone modern convenience store, the town has retained the feel of decades past. A public museum, city park, roadside markets and various eateries encourage visitors to linger. Be aware, however, that businesses may not be open all day or even every day. If a particular attraction is of interest, check the business hours before planning your trip. The community has prepared a brochure that may prove helpful.

Easily approached from Springfield or White House, TN, the day may be tailored to individual fitness levels and interests. A beginner route  from White House keeps the ride short with only a moderate climb into and out of Cross Plains necessary when the town is approached from the south. Riding from Springfield increases the distance as does a loop through Orlinda or even Portland. The truly adventurous may wish to stretch the route further north to see Kummer Road a/k/a Graffiti Road across the Kentucky border. Spray paint is optional but a nice extra if artistic inspiration strikes. Ride with GPS  has dozens of routes through the area. Searching for routes within 25 miles of Cross Plains and including the keywords Cross Plains or Graffiti Road will find the best results.

Who is Going to Love It

Road cyclists desiring a country outing or those seeking a bit of the small town experience along with the ride will most appreciate the area. The rolling terrain requires only moderate climbing skills into and out of town. Carefully planned routes may be more or less challenging depending upon the roads chosen. The major highways, Hwy 76 and Hwy 25, are 2-lane, high speed roads with little or no shoulder and limited visibility in places. Fortunately, other roads leading into town make it relatively easy to avoid these more treacherous roadways.  

Directions, Parking, & Regulations

The White House and Springfield greenways provide trailheads with public parking available year round. The suggested beginner route begins at White House Middle School where parking is available when schools aren’t in session. J. Travis Price Park at the eastern end of the Springfield greenway provides good access to Owens Chapel Road, a popular option in route to Cross Plains. This option does, however, require a short stretch along heavily traveled Highway 49. Permanent restrooms are available at both ends of the Springfield greenway and portable facilities are provided at the White House trailheads.

Since these are open roads, standard traffic laws apply. In TN it’s legal to pass through a red light after a reasonable wait time due to the inability of some sensors to detect the presence of a bicycle. It is not (yet) legal to roll through stop signs and red lights. If unfamiliar with TN cycling laws, the FOGBEES cycling group provides some great information with additional resource links.

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Cross Plains, TN

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