Stones River Greenway Cycling

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An 8-mile route from Two Rivers trailhead to J. Percy Priest Dam trailhead, you'll ride by schools, countryside, and alongside the Cumberland River and the Stones River.

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Amy Eskind

Destination Distance From Downtown

5.6 miles


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Time To Complete

Less than 1 hour


Any (except in snow/ice)

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Stones River Greenway is a beautiful 8-mile ride. Start at Two Rivers trailhead and wind by schools, golf courses, parks, through a tunnel and over bridges, and along – and sometimes over – the Cumberland and Stones rivers. With only a few challenging slopes, this is a favorite destination of leisure riders. You’ll be rewarded at the end with a great view of 130-foot J. Percy Priest Dam. Of course, you can start at the Dam and ride the opposite way, or join the greenway midway from the Heartland Park, Lebanon Road (Kohl’s parking lot), or Donelson-Hermitage Family YMCA trailheads.

What Makes It Great It’s such a delight to watch people at play, and here you’ll pass skateboarders honing their tricks, Frisbee golf enthusiasts and golfers, people fishing from small boats, little girls on pink Barbie bikes, little boys in red wagons. You’ll see young and old cyclists enjoying the ride with friends, and people in wheelchairs getting fresh air. There is such a mix of people here, all ages and stages.

Most of the terrain is easy riding. Meandering curves and beautiful bridges keep the route interesting. Riding along the rivers is peaceful. But there is something for adrenaline-seekers too. After passing Two Rivers Middle School there is a downhill so steep that runaway bike stops line the side of the road for emergencies. It’s a zippy ride for sure. Closer to the dam there are a few ups and downs as well, marked with “challenging slope” signs.

Because there are five trailheads, there are lots of ways to enter and exit. It’s easy to enjoy the greenway in sections, or to use it to get to the skateboard park, schools, or the Y. The greenway is a part of the Music City Bikeway and connects directly to Shelby Bottoms Greenway.

Who Will Love It Take the Stones River Greenway on a fresh spring day, after work on a summer’s eve, or bundle up and go in the cold. Looking out at the river is always refreshing. Using the greenway as a route from school to the park or from the Y to your home takes you on a pleasant ride removed from vehicular traffic. Families with children favor the mostly flat section near the Lebanon Road trailhead (Kohl’s parking lot). Those biking the entire 26-mile Music City Bikeway beginning at Warner Park will be elated to reach the dam trailhead, as it’s the terminus of that citywide route. There's also a great flat water paddling launch here.

Directions, Parking and Regulations Parking is available at all trailheads:

• J. Percy Priest Dam, 3778 Bell Road

• Heartland Park trailhead, 3135 Heartland Drive

• YMCA trailhead, 1014 Stones River Road

• Lebanon Road trailhead (Kohl’s), 2330 Jackson Downs Blvd

• Two Rivers trailhead, 2320 Two Rivers Parkway

Cyclists are permitted to ride two across. Stay to the right and yield to pedestrians. The speed limit is 15mph. you can find a Greenway map online. 

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Stones River Greenway Cycling

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