Ellington Agricultural Center

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Bucolic oasis of green in the city, with an outdoor option for everyone.

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The mammoth 207-acre grounds of the old Caldwell Estate (Brentwood Hall) are now home to the Ellington Agricultural Center complex. This public complex is named for a former Tennessee state governor and offers a wide cross-section of outdoor activities.

What is called Rogers’ Walk is the 1.6-mile trail that loops around the Center, and it is perfect for trail running and hiking. Off shoots from the loop connect the Tennessee Department of Agriculture Campus and Agriculture Museum, and a short Metro Greenway (Seven Mile Creek) connector with Master Plans for its eventual expansion. On this trail you can se Brentwood Hall, the old estate that was modeled after Andrew Jackson’s Hermitage, and now houses the Ellington Agricultural Center itself. There’s also an iris garden maintained by the Middle Tennessee Iris Society), rain gardens, oak and maple trees and more. A run or hike on this path keeps your brain engaged, as you pass a lot of different vistas, from quaint bridges and wooded resting spots to wide-open horse-filled fields and even some paved parking lots.

Rogers’ Walk is well-marked, with considerable signage to guide you on your trail run. There are restrooms, water fountains and plenty of parking.

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Ellington Agricultural Center

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