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A neighborhood gateway to Nashville's Greenway system, providing roughly four miles of customizable running routes for joggers to choose from.

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Richland Creek Greenway is a small part of Nashville’s much larger overall greenway system, which consists of more than 65 miles of linear parks and trails. Given that the Richland Creek section is tucked within the Sylvan Park neighborhood, one of Nashville’s up-and-coming residential locales, it’s no wonder that more than 90 percent of Nashvillians live within two miles of accessing a greenway. This multi-use path runs for 3.8 miles, including it’s many spurs, and connects the surrounding neighborhood with multiple retail and recreation opportunities in the area, including McCabe Park Golf Course and Community Center and a local shopping district.
What Makes it Great
As my personal favorite road running option locally, there are so many great things about the Richland Creek Greenway that it makes it hard to just pick a few. The greenway forms a complete loop around McCabe Park Golf Course, allowing runners to tailor the length of their workouts to their individual needs. The path also provides a decent number of hills, giving joggers the opportunity to get in some incline training to build up some extra leg strength. It’s also a bonus that running the path in different directions can provide an entirely new workout, saving you a trip to a potentially less convenient location.
The scenery around the greenway is also a huge perk, as the path runs along the golf course and along the back sides of neighborhoods. There are also several scenic bridge crossings over Richland Creek, and the trail is densely wooded in some areas, making for an especially picturesque workout during the fall. The mostly-shaded path is also a great go-to during the hot summer months, providing runners with some shade to help keep them cool. The greenway is also conveniently lined with mile markers and features pavilions with maps at each trailhead, giving runners a great sense of where they are at all times.
Who is Going to Love It< 
Richland Creek’s paved path is open to a variety of uses, meaning the greenway can be enjoyed by just about everyone looking to get outdoors nearby. The greenway makes a great training spot for joggers seeking shelter from the occasionally busy neighborhood roads, allowing runners to customize the length of their runs with multiple start and end points. Richland Creek is also a popular local destination for neighbors looking to get out for an easy walk, and the path is often full of dog walkers, parents with children, and couples looking to get out for a leisurely stroll. Cyclists will also love the greenway, as the Lion’s Head Spur connects in with the larger, 26-mile Music City Bikeway that runs east to west across the city.
Directions, Parking & Fees 
There are abundant parking options along the greenway, allowing users to utilize the path as a recreational destination even if they don’t live within walking or cycling distance of an access point. Parking lots are located at the White Bridge Road and Lion’s Head spurs, as well as the McCabe and Wyoming trailheads. Parking is free at all locations, and there are no usage fees for the trail either. Directions to the greenway will depend on which trailhead you’re using and which direction you’re coming from, but access to the park is easy because of it’s location in the heart of town along multiple main thoroughfares. As mentioned before, Richland Creek is a go-to local favorite for dog walking, so feel free to bring your furry friends along for the adventure as long as you clean up after them.

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Richland Creek Greenway

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