River Park to Downtown Franklin

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About 20-miles of road running, almost entirely on sidewalks. Great route, but know your limits.

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Steve Blume

Destination Distance From Downtown

11.9 miles


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Time To Complete

20 miles, 2-5 hours


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Dog Friendly


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This is a great group route, especially when there are people wanting to run lower mileage. There are abundant rolling hills, but no major ones. With the exception of the beginning neighborhood section, this run is almost entirely sidewalks. Beginning at River Park, proceed to Cool Springs down Knox Valley, which becomes Gordon Petty. This is a neighborhood stretch with no sidewalks, but little traffic. It dead ends into Moore's Lane, so go right down the hill to Carothers. This is a busy intersection, but has crossing lights. Go left and stay on Carothers all the way to Liberty. A great meeting place for folks joining the group mid-run is the CVS or Tin Roof at the Baker's Bridge intersection, which is at the 3 mile point. Franklin and back from here is 14 miles. Meeting at McEwen provides an out and back 10-miler and at Liberty an 8-miler. Turn right on Liberty and follow it all the way to Franklin Rd, which comes out at The Factory. Go left on Franklin Rd. It is always fun to run through this quaint little historic town. Continue through downtown on Main St to 11th Ave. You are now halfway through your run! Turn around and follow the same route back to River Park.

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River Park to Downtown Franklin

1500 Volunteer Parkway
Brentwood/Franklin, TN,
35.994964, -86.787601

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