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The Happy Landings meadows in Brookfield are a wonderful place to hike in any season.

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Peg Peterson


2.5 miles

The shortest loop is about a quarter mile. If you do all the trails, it is about 2.5 miles.

Destination Distance From Downtown

4.0 miles


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Though Happy Landings is the highest point in Brookfield, the grassy paths and gentle rolling hills make for easy walking.

Time To Complete

0 hours

At Happy Landings, you can do a quick stretch-your-legs loop, or spend a leisurely hour or so covering all the trails in the meadows.


All Seasons

Dog Friendly


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Happy Landings



Happy Landings sits at the highest point in Brookfield with expansive views from the ridge top. It is easy walking with its wide grassy paths and provides views that are seldom found in western CT without a climb through some forest to a mountaintop.

What Makes It Great

Whereas most hiking trails in western CT are forested, the Happy Landings meadows are unique with wide grassy mown paths and a feeling of wide open country. There are basically two large meadows, each with a perimeter path and an intersecting path. In the back meadow, in addition to the perimeter path, there is also a path that runs along the spine of the ridge with expansive views to both the east and west.

The two windmills in the front meadow are historical restorations of the windmills that were used in the first half of the 20th century to pump water for the farm that once occupied the Happy Landings land.

Springtime at Happy Landings is alive with aerial activity and bird song. The bobolinks trill as they skim the tops of the meadow grasses looking for food for their nestlings. The redwing blackbirds sing from the treetops as the meadowlarks and purple martins dart after flying bugs.  Summer brings the wildflowers: the pink ragged robin, the yellow birds foot trefoil, the white Queen Anne's lace, and dozens more. The milkweed provides a home for the monarch butterfly's eggs. In Autumn, the meadows are mown and the bales paint the landscape with dots of white. Winter brings opportunities for cross-country skiing and sledding on the hillsides.

Who is Going to Love It

Happy Landings is popular with dog walkers, kite flyers, bird watchers, wildflower lovers, and anyone who wants a peaceful place to walk without worrying about getting lost or tripping over rocks and roots. With its multiple loop options, it can be a quick stop on the way home to stretch your legs for 15 minutes, or a couple of hours of meandering through all the meadow paths.

Directions, Parking, & Regulations

From I-84 exit 9, go about 2 miles north on Rt. 25 to a dirt parking lot on right. If you reach Thompson Farm Rd., you've gone about a quarter mile too far.  For GPS, use 55 Whisconier Rd., Brookfield CT.

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Happy Landings

55 Whisconier Road
Brookfield, CT, 06804
41.359913, -72.964585

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