Shade Swamp Sanctuary

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Ann Borron Gargula

Destination Distance From Downtown

27.8 miles


1 of 5 diamonds


Time To Complete

1 -2 hours for both trails


Located off of Route 6 in Farmington are two little trails, perfect for families to begin learning about hiking, or for an easy trail run, snowshoeing or a just for going on a stroll in the woods.  
The first trail, the Blue Trail, is a loop of 1.5 miles on a fairly level path with a hilly section or two.  You first enter the trail by old animal cages, that was once a wildlife refuge, but abandoned in 1960s.  The path is easy to follow and perfect for a family with young children.
Once you have completed this hike, head down the road to the White Trail and complete the 2.5 miles on those trails.  This is located at a decommissioned  DEP site. Though this trail is longer, it is a bit less hilly and perfect for trail running or snowshoeing.  
If you only a short amount of time and in need of the forest, this is the perfect place to go.

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Shade Swamp Sanctuary

Farmington, CT, 06032
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