Mountain Biking West Rock Ridge State Park

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Tony DaSilva

Destination Distance From Downtown

3.3 miles


3 of 5 diamonds


Time To Complete

1-3 hours


If you're a mountain biker, you should definitely get out to West Rock Ridge State Park. Go to where the boat launch is at Lake Wintergreen. Park in that dusty parking lot and head out from there. Go left right away down the fire road all the way to the dam. Just past there you will hike a bike up some big steep rocks (Kudos to you if you ride up) and at the top get back on and keep riding! The road winds all the way around the lake.

Where the road crosses another fire road near the concrete bridge head straight across. This is the White trail. Don't be afraid to take some of the left hand cut offs; they all swing back down to the trail for the most part. Soon you will get to a set of 3 bridges that are fun. Step off and pay the penalty, a shoe full of muck. Soon after you will end up on the fire road again. Go right to get back to the lot. Total for that loop is just under an hour. Go left, cross the street and bomb the singletrack on the other side for serious fun. The faster you whip through those corners, the more you will enjoy that trail. That goes out to another road near a small farm, but go back the way you came. Cross the road again where you did the first time, and hammer out some fire road riding on the way back to the lot.This is just one of the many loops to explore. Very family friendly and pet friendly and something for all skill levels.

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Mountain Biking West Rock Ridge State Park

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