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Kettletown State Park is great for those who want to escape and explore the wonderful scenery of mother nature. Kettletown State Park offers you a scenic view of Lake Zoar from hills that are covered with trees. It is here on top of these hills that one experiences mother nature in complete silence, far away of what we might think of civilization.

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4.0 miles

The Crest Trail at Kettletown Park is a 4 mile loop that winds through southern portions of the park and across the town line of Oxford. However, there are other spectacular trails to run on at Kettletown, including the mile long Brooke Trail. Here you can stop to admire waterfalls and deep pools.

Destination Distance From Downtown

16.6 miles


3 of 5 diamonds

Kettle State Park gets a 3 star rating for the difficulty that is the Crest Trail. The Crest Trail is great for those who want to trail run at a longer distance and is ready to go into a challenging woodland. The crest trail is a 4 mile loop that offers a range of obstacles from large boulders, trees, to old charcol hearths and a reservoir. The trail can be strenuous if one is not trained to run through long distances.

Time To Complete

1 hours

The Crest Trail can be challenging to those who are not experienced trail runners. The trail is filled with several obstacles, from upslope hills, to boulders, fallen trees, wet surfaces, and rocky terrain.


Spring, Summer, and Fall

Visiting Kettletown State Park in the summer is a wonderful experience. Trail running on the Crest Trail will allow you to see views of Lake Zoar.

Dog Friendly

On Leash Only

Kettletown State park is a dog friendly park as long as all pets have a leash and the owners are responsible for picking up any of the dogs droppings.

Fees Permits


Kettletown State Park has parking fees on Weekends/Holidays. The parking fees for registered state cars is $9 dollars and $15 dollars for unregistered cars.



It is said that when you trail run to the top of the Crescent Trail everything seems to slow down. The rustling of the trees, the chirping of the birds, and the shorten breath of ones exhaustion becomes in sync to with one another.  That is because on top of the Crescent Trail the natural scenery around you becomes a moment to redeem yourself. To take the obstacles ahead of you with full force. Whether it is deciding to run the full 4 miles of the Crescent Trail that reaches to the town of Oxford, or whether it is your goal to run as far as you can at your own pace, once you reach the top hill of the Crescent Hill and look towards Lake Zoar those goals seem more possible than before. 

What Makes It Great

Kettletown State Park gives each trail runner an adventure. Each running step at the Crescent Trails makes you realize that trail running is never meant to be easy. That if  each time you climb over a boulder, or  a rocky hill, you must with every breath want to accomplish that goal without stopping. 

Stopping on the Crescent Trail is not something you desire to do. Why? The answer is simply the fact because each time you look out over the hill, each time you pushed yourself  instead of stopping  your reward is the view of Lake Zoar. Once Lake Zoar becomes clearer on your trail run, that is when you know that you accomplished your journey. That you are making strides to push through each obstacle without defeat. 

And the obstacles found within the Crescent Trail at Kettle State Park test you throughout your run. You are surrounded by the sounds of birds, the rustling of the trees, and cracking noises of leaves underneath your feet. That is what makes Kettletown State park a great outdoor location, how it has the ability to expose you to nature all different types of nature without the sounds of city life anywhere near by.

Who is Going to Love It

Kettletown State Park Crest Trail is going to be loved by the expert trail runner. The person who is willing to push through the strenuous workout that is climbing up hill slopes that are covered in rocky terrain, mud, large boulders, and fallen trees. However, just because the Crest Trail appears to be built for the expert in mind, it  should not be avoided by beginner trail runners. The blue and white blazed Crest Trail is actually a good place to gain experience and tolerance for trail running. 

Kettletown State Park is great for those who want to escape and explore the wonderful scenery of mother nature. Kettletown State Park offers you a scenic view of Lake Zoar from hills that are covered with trees. It is here on top of these hills that one experiences mother nature in complete silence, far away of what we might think of civilization. 

Kettletown State Park is a great place to bring your family, friends, and pets. The trails, and Lake Zoar shoreline, make the park an amazing getaway in the summer.  If you live in major cities in Connecticut and want to surround yourself with a great historic park, that is also beautifully maintained and is open to the public free of charge during the weekdays, then Kettletown State Park should be pinned down on your map on places to visit. 

Directions, Parking, & Regulations

To reach Kettletown State Park one needs to drive onto I-84. From there take Exit 15 going south onto CT Route 67. When you reach the first traffic light onto Kettletown Road you want to take a right. From here you will continue for an approximately 3 miles towards Kettletown Road. After the 3 miles you will take a right onto Georges Hill Road. Kettletown State Park will be located on the left approximately 0.6 miles after your right turn. 

It is advised that all visitors be aware that Kettletown State Park does have parking entrance fee for certain days. There are fees for those who are visiting on the weekends or holiday.  If you are from out of state the fee can be higher. since Weekend and holiday fees are different for registered state cars and non-registered state cars. For registered cars the fee is $9 dollars and for non-registered state cars the fee is $15 dollars. 

Once you reach the parking lot of Kettletown State park you will see restrooms, a recreation area, campgrounds, Lake Zoar beach, Lake Zoar’s launching boat ramp, and information. 

Kettletown State Park is dog friendly. The park allows dogs to be near the recreation area, campgrounds, and near Lake Zoar as long as they have a leash. Owners are advised to look after their pet while being in the park. Also, visitors are advised to pick up any droppings left behind from their pets to ensure that the park is kept and clean for all visitors. 

Kettletown State Park has a strict alcohol ban at all times when visiting the park. Even if you are having a cookout or a gathering, it is advised that you do not have alcohol with you. If a park official spots alcohol you may be ticketed and fined.

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