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Enjoy an amazing sandwich after a long ride or run.

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Molly Hurford


It’s boiling hot outside. All I want is a drink of water. I finally spot the sign. ’Wichcraft looks cool and inviting. I practically fall inside, and instantly, I forget that I’m thirsty and start realizing how hungry I am. The only problem I’m having is what to order—all of the sandwiches look amazing, and I can’t choose. The woman behind the counter is trying to be patient, but she’s definitely waiting for me to make a decision. I can’t decide between the fresh juice or the roasted turkey sandwich with avocado, bacon, onion relish and aioli on ciabatta roll. And I end up ordering both.
Not the worst decision I’ve ever made.
If you’re riding, running, kayaking or SUP-ing along the Hudson River Greenway, you’re probably going to want to stop for a snack. If you’re not ready to head back into the hustle and bustle of the city, you don’t have to worry—right on the waterfront down by Pier 62, ’Wichcraft has you covered.
Their sandwiches are mouthwatering and just the right size for a post-workout meal, and if you’re interested in something lighter, they have pastries and coffee, or fantastic juice from liquiteria. 
The restaurant has been heavily involved in the latest farm-to-table trend, and use local ingredients when possible. ’Wichcraft serves up artisan, handcrafted sandwiches on truly amazing bread, and if you’re a meat-eater, definitely try the pressed Cuban-style pork and ham, which features pickles, aji verde and gruyère on ciabatta roll. Delicious. For vegetarians, try the incredible, mouth-watering avocado, celery, walnut pesto and watercress on multigrain bread. Even the salads and side dishes are boosted-up versions of their normal selves—for instance, the free-range chicken salad is actually “pickled kohlrabi, cucumber & walnuts on organic mixed greens with balsamic vinaigrette.” And it’s fantastic.
From the coffee side of things, the Americanos are excellent, and the pastries are incredibly fresh. Try the brioche cinnamon roll if you have calories to spare.
If you’re more of a juice person, the bottles of extremely fresh liquiteria juice, you should consider trying their “all greens with lemon and ginger.” It’s got a zest from the lemon and serious zing from the ginger, and it’s a fabulous way to feel fresh after a long run. 
The inside of ’Wichcraft is modern and open, and it’s ultra-air conditioned, so it’s fantastic at the end of a hot, sweaty workout. Be warned, it’s a little pricey (around $10 for a sandwich) but well worth it, and honestly, not any pricier than most places in Manhattan. If you bring the kids, you’re in luck—there’s even a great, fresh kid’s menu (with prices to match). 
I personally recommend parking in a parking garage in the 55th Street and 11th Avenue area (cheaper than close to Central Park), doing a quick run in Central Park, and then hop down to the waterfront and run the roughly three miles down to Pier 62. Consider taking advantage of the 30 minutes of free kayak time in the summer on weekends at the neighboring pier after you eat! There are locations all over the city if you get a craving, so definitely check this spot out!

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