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The Brooklyn Bridge is a classic running location—and if running the bridge isn't enough, you can run along the bridge, enjoy the views, and then run into the Brooklyn Bridge Park, right along the water, and enjoy the running paths and colorful people in the area.

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10.6 miles


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30 minutes - 2 hours


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Brooklyn Bridge Park



Hit the bridge when the sun is coming up and you’ll feel like the city belongs to you. The Manhattan Bridge looms in the distance and the views of the city behind you and rising up in front of you are legendary. Traffic is light and you’re one of the only ones sane enough to run before the day gets hectic. By the time you’re back to work for the day, you’ve already conquered a city.

What Makes It Great

Running the Brooklyn Bridge is a classic city run that shouldn’t be missed: in addition to providing you with a cheap and simple way to cross from Manhattan to Brooklyn without dealing with traffic, it’s just a gorgeous run with excellent views of both sides. The bridge lets you out in Brooklyn Bridge Park, a family-friendly spot that’s teaming with people in the summer as New Yorkers try to find any way to stay cool. Kids (and some adults) play in the kiddie fountain area and the park ends with the Brooklyn-side ferry to Governor’s Island, if you want to extend your trip (on weekends, anyway).

While the park is still under construction, it’s nearly done, and there’s tons to do. If you’re a CrossFit buff, run the Brooklyn Bridge from Manhattan, then pop into the park and run to Pier 2 to take advantage of the fitness equipment that they have there. The Brooklyn Greenway runs along the edge of the piers, and while that too is still under construction, five of the 14 miles are completed and make for great running, if you love flat roads.

From the park, you’re about three miles from Prospect Park and I love to weave together a tour of the Brooklyn parks by hitting both on my long runs. It’s nicer running the city streets of Brooklyn than Manhattan and if you’re a tourist, this is a fun way to get the sense of the city without worrying (as much) about getting hit by cars or lost drivers from New Jersey. It’s the same vibe as Manhattan, but at a slightly slower pace.

Don’t have time for an early morning run? The only thing I like more than the early morning feeling of freedom is heading out when the sun has just set and the bridge—and the city—lights up. Unlike the morning when the world feels like it belongs to you, the lights in the huge buildings make you feel small, but in the best way possible.

If you’re feeling like adding in some stretching, during the summer, there are free Sunset Pilates classes, Early Morning Yoga, and Mid-day Pilates offered weekend, and you can check for times and exact locations on the park’s website.

Who is Going to Love It

This run is a must for any tourist or local in NYC!

The bridge itself can get congested, but if you head out super early, or mid-day when most people are at work, it’s a great run. The park is often busy on weekends, but the running paths remain fairly open, so any time is good for the Greenway.

Directions, Parking, & Regulations

There are a few access points to the park. Check this map for more information.

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Brooklyn Bridge - Running

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