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Pensacola has a variety of locations that are popular for kayaking, including Bayou Texar, an estuary in East Pensacola.

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There are a variety of places to kayak in and around Bayou Texar that are appropriate for all experience levels.

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You can kayak for a couple hours or longer. There are also local tour companies that offer 2+ hour tours.


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Pensacola has a variety of locations that are popular for kayaking, including the Bayou Texar in East Pensacola, an estuary that is fed by Carpenter's Creek and empties into Pensacola Bay. Visitors can take out a kayak on their own, or go on a paddling tour with a local company. There is a variety of wildlife to see, as well as uninhabited islands to explore.

What Makes It Great

Pensacola is a very popular vacation spot along the Florida Coast and is known for its sun and sand. But it's not all about lounging in the sun — it's a great place for people who like to be active, too. There are hiking trails, fishing, and snorkeling as well as paddle boarding and kayaking.

In eastern Pensacola is Bayou Texar, and one of the most popular places to kayak in the bayou is Bayview Park. The park is more than 30 acres and has a pier, playground, tennis courts, and Pensacola's only dog beach. The area isn't good for swimming, but is great for hours of kayaking fun. You can rent a kayak at the park for just an hour or for multiple days.

Pensacola Paddlesport offers a tranquil twilight/night kayak tour of the Texar Bayou, and is a great way to get a different perspective of the water. There is a moment when you can only see trees lining the bayou and it's a very peaceful paddle.

Who is Going to Love It

At the Bayou Texar, there are some really great opportunities for any level kayaker, with bays, rivers, beaches, and of course, bayous to explore. If you are a more independent kayaker, take one out on your own, or book a tour if you want some guidance or to learn about the area as you go.  

Directions, Parking, & Regulations

There are a few companies that take visitors out on kayak tours, or you can rent one/bring your own and head out on the water yourself! Find out more about kayak rentals and tours here.

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