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BOTE Boards, based out of Destin, FL, offers fun for water lovers and adventurers along the emerald green waters of the Florida Panhandle.

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Depending upon each paddler's chosen location, paddling can be as strenuous as each individual desires. Locations like the National Island Seashore offer more tranquil waters, while the Gulf of Mexico offers more of a challenge.

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Spring, Summer, and Fall

SUP is most enjoyable when waters are warmer.

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If you're capable of balancing both yourself and you're furry friend on a board, have at it!

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Board rentals begin at $55

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Stand up paddleboarding, or SUP, is an increasingly popular water sport along the Gulf Coast and around the rest of the country. BOTE Boards, based out of Destin, Florida, was born out of the flames of demand for SUP and the longing for a better product. Founders Corey and Magda Cooper first tried SUP in 2008, and were unimpressed with the instability and limitations of current boards. Thus, BOTE was born, and now locals and visitors alike can rent or purchase boards from the quaint but not unimpressive shop just east of Destin’s Harborwalk Village.

What Makes It Great

Paddleboarding can be as relaxing or strenuous as each paddler chooses; remain seated for an easier, more leisurely experience, or stand up for a full-body workout that challenges bodies in new ways. The folks at BOTE will talk you through the weather and water conditions the day of your rental, and are happy to direct renters to waterways that will meet their skill level.

The Gulf of Mexico, National Island Seashore, Crab Island, and inlets of both Destin Harbor and Choctawhatchee Bay are all within a short drive’s distance of the storefront, and after strapping your boards to your vehicle, employees will recommend what spots are most desirable based upon the day’s conditions. SUP has increased in popularity so rapidly largely because it’s more than just exercise---it’s enjoyable.

That genuine love for the sport---and for their product---can be felt upon entering the BOTE shop. Renters and buyers alike will be directed towards whichever boards suit their needs best, whether it be speed and agility, balance and stability, or ease of transportation, as some boards can be on the heavier side. The creators of BOTE Boards have left no convenience unconsidered, from a place to store your beer, keys, and other valuables, to a Paddle Shealth for temporary paddle storage, to Tackle Racs, made specifically for fishing rods and other attachments, like GoPro cameras.

Who is Going to Love It

While paddleboarding doesn’t always offer the excitement of more extreme water sports like wakeboarding or kite surfing, just about any water-loving adventurer can find enjoyment on the versatility of a BOTE Board. Athletes, yoga fanatics, fishermen, and day drinkers can unite amongst the opportunities SUP presents. BOTE has created adaptations like more comfortable hand holds, adjustable carry straps, and inflatable boards to broaden the realm of who’s equipped to paddle.

Directions, Parking, & Regulations

The BOTE Board shopfront can be found just a few minutes east of Destin’s Harborwalk Village, and is tucked away amongst other businesses and can be easy to miss. Keep an eye out for their black and white sign, and the 10 ft.-plus tall boards out front. If traveling eastbound on Hwy 98, a U-turn is required immediately past the shop itself, and the parking lot is small, but typically not too crowded. Make sure to bring a vehicle that can tote boards, like a truck, SUV, or sedan with a roof rack! An employee will strap you up and send you on your merry way for your half or full day rental. If you rent and decide to bring a BOTE Board of your very own home, you’ll have a nice chunk of cash knocked off the price of the board.

Written by Morgan Rice for RootsRated.

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BOTE Board

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