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Kayak Destin Fishing offers four- to eight-hour kayak fishing excursions in the Gulf of Mexico, where an abundance of fish are available both inshore and offshore all year round.

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Two types of fishing are available: inshore, which is suitable for beginners who are strong enough to reel in a moderately heavy catch, and offshore, which calls for a bit more fishing experience. All kayak passengers must be able to swim.

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6 hours

Four-hour, six-hour and eight-hour kayak fishing experiences are available for booking.


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Call (850) 797-9632 for pricing.

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Kayak Fishing Destin



Widely known as one of the best places to fish in the world, Destin, Florida enjoys an abundance of sea life close to shore thanks to the shape of the canyon that runs along its continental shelf. The DeSoto Canyon is responsible for all manner of fish, from redfish, black drum, gag grouper, sheepshead, Spanish mackerel, flounder and tarpon inshore to king mackerel, sailfish,triggerfish, tuna and more as you head deeper into the Gulf of Mexico. Whatever your experience level, Kayak Fishing Destin offers a host of fishing opportunities to assist you in being one with the water as you cast your line into the gulf.

What Makes It Great

Providing tackle, ice, bait, poles, lures, and—of course—kayaks, the outfitters at Kayak Fishing Destin offer all the gear you need for a successful fishing experience. If you’ve got a Florida Saltwater Fishing License (unless you’re under 18, in which case you don’t need one) and a personal cooler filled with a few drinks and snacks, you’re all set for a half- or full-day excursion into fishing nirvana. and a Florida Saltwater Fishing license. Once you’ve chosen between a bay, gulf or back country charter and decide how long you’d like to stay on the water (four, six, or eight hours), up to 4 people at a time (or more, if you’re experienced) can venture out into the water for a kayak fishing adventure. 

Using GPS fishfinders for offshore excursions and more traditional means inshore, the crew guides you through the bay (both deep water and flats), gulf or backcountry to honey holes where you’re sure to reel in quite the haul. While there’s nothing quite like gliding atop the surface of the gulf and casting your line under the sun and seagulls against an endless backdrop of green and blue, the backwater adventure offers breathtaking views and a good bit of wildlife spotting of its own.

Who is Going to Love It

As long as you know how to swim and have a saltwater license (if you’re over 18) and an interest in kayak fishing, there’s an experience for you here. First-timers would be best suited to try a back country adventure, which takes you through both deep water and bay flats if you prefer, while beginners may opt for intermediate-level bay fishing and more experienced kayakers might prefer the more strenuous—but very rewarding—offshore option.

Since Florida’s weather is inconsistent at best, Kayak Fishing Destin doesn’t charge rescheduling fees if things go sideways during your charter. And if you’re interested in night fishing, the outfitters offer fish dock lights and underwater green lights, plus kayaks equipped with navigational LED lights.

Directions, Parking, & Regulations

Launch spots vary based on the day, time and length of your excursion, as well as the day’s weather and and tides. Once you’ve booked your charter, your guide will inform you of your meeting location a couple of days before your trip.

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