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Just Sailing Destin offers breathtaking sunset sails just off the Emerald Coast, taking passengers on a beautiful 2.5- to five-hour chartered excursion in the Gulf of Mexico as the sun sets on the horizon.

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This chartered sail includes a captain to lead the way and meant to be relaxing for all others onboard.

Time To Complete

5 hours

Sunset cruises with Just Sailing Destin typically run two and a half to five hours, depending on the details of the charter.


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Sunset charters run $250 for one to four passengers and $300 for five to six passengers. On holidays and during fireworks, one to four passengers are $400 and five to six are $500.

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The beauty of the Emerald Coast is something to behold by day, when the surface of the quartz sand causes it to have a sugary white appearance and the sun’s reflection through the water gives the waves a bright, bold, green hue. But as the sun sets on the horizon each night, the water takes on an even more magical glow. Experiencing these coastal sunsets from a chartered sailboat is a transcendent experience, and Just Sailing offers exactly that in either a two-and-a-half-hour outing on a typical evening or up to five hours on holidays and nights when fireworks are scheduled to light up the sky.  

What Makes It Great

While Just Sailing also offers lessons from expert sailing instructors, the sunset cruise is meant to allow passengers to kick back, relax and just enjoy the view. From the East Pass Marina on the Destin Harbor into the Gulf of Mexico or Choctawhatchee Bay, you’ll enjoy a pristine view from a sailboat named Braveheart as Captain Bonny Todd, a time-tested and ASA-certified local sailor with more than 20 years of experience, will guide you across the placid evening water on a perfectly-chartered course, allowing you to take in the watercolor vista without a care in the world as the day winds to a close.

Ice, soft drinks, bottled water, chips, and crackers are provided as a matter of course, and you’re welcome to bring whatever food and drink you’d like, including the alcoholic beverages of your choice. The only thing you can’t do is smoke, but then, why interfere with the sublime smell of the salt sea air anyway?

Who is Going to Love It

The only thing required for this excursion is a pair of boat shoes (although almost any pair with white soles will do). No sailing experience or expertise is required since your captain will be trimming the sails and doing all the work, so this sail is a welcome and relaxing experience for almost anyone.

If you have fair skin or are prone to sunburns, just be sure to bring along some sunscreen since you’ll be setting sail a couple of hours prior to sunset, and the reflection of the rays off of the water can be strong while the sun’s still shining. Check the weather report,too, prior to showing up and dress accordingly, knowing there will definitely be a breeze.

Directions, Parking, & Regulations

Just before your reservation time, arrive at 214 Harbor Blvd in Destin. There, you'll walk down the dock to Slip #33 and introduce yourself to Captain Bonny Todd, who will advise you when to board.

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