Magnolia Park & Lake Apopka Loop Trail - Cycling

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Fun family friendly park with access to quality paved lakeside trail.

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Matt Graham


37.0 miles

The entire loop is 37 miles, but you could do less as an out and back.

Destination Distance From Downtown

21.4 miles


2 of 5 diamonds

Time To Complete

1 hours

1-5 hours


All Seasons

Dog Friendly


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Magnolia Park has two distinct sections to it, one area next to the lake, and the other across the road. Coming from the south, the main portion of Magnolia Park will be on your right. Camping, playgrounds, picnic tables and a great open center area are what you will find in this area. Again from the south, Lake Apopka will be on your left, and the section of park near the lake has picnic and day use areas, but mostly is an access point for the Lake Apopka Loop Trail (37 total miles), where runners and cyclists will have a long stretch of paved road under them and great views all around.

What Makes It Great

At the main park, the campsites are secluded away from the day use area enough to have some privacy, and the main portion is full of wildlife including peacocks who do not seem very bothered by any human or car presence near it. At the center of the park is a very small lake with palm trees surrounding it, all of which is slightly sunken compared to the rest of the park. 

Across the road, you will see amazing views of the lake from here at any point of the day, but the best way to enjoy it is with a run or cycle along the Loop Trail. From the parking area, you will be alongside the lake about ¼ mile from the parking lot, then you will have about 8 or 9 miles of uninterrupted views while you run or bike. The start of the trail is at the north end of the parking lot just beyond a set of bathrooms. One feature I noticed is markers along the pathway so if there is any sort of emergency, you can reference exactly where you are based on the number shown. I didn’t get measurements between them but surely it can be used to keep your distance in mind.

Who is Going to Love It

Runners, cyclists, campers, families, recreational boaters, bird watchers, nature photographers.

Directions, Parking, & Regulations

Both sections of the park offer ample parking and are free of charge. Summer hours: 8:00 am – 8:00 pm. Winter Hours: 8:00 am – 6:00 pm.

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Magnolia Park & Lake Apopka Loop Trail

2929 S Binion Road
Apopka, FL, 32703
28.634421, -81.548202

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