Secret Lake and Triplet Lake - Flat Water Paddling

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Located in Casselberry, FL, Secret Lake and Triplet Lake provide calm waters with easy access, perfect for flat water paddling.

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For people who live around Orlando, you already know that Casselberry, Florida is a great community. But in addition to the quiet streets here, you will also find two lakes that are perfect for flat water paddling of all types. Secret Lake and Triplet Lake are located off Triplet Lake Drive and provide calm waters, which make for excellent canoeing, kayaking or Stand Up Paddleboarding.

What Makes It Great

When you arrive at the Secret Lake Park Recreation Center you will see Secret Lake off to the left and Triplet Lake on the right. Secret Lake is the smaller of the two and does not have an outlet. If you are more interested in doing some Stand Up Paddleboarding, Secret Lake would be the better option. The water is calmer and the water is shallow.

If you are planning on canoeing or kayaking, Triplet Lake offers you more water to explore. Triplet Lake is an unusual shape, which gives you a large section that is hidden from view when you first get onto the water. If you go straight from the boat launch and keep right you will find an extra section of the lake with tall vegetation along the banks and plenty of opportunity for wildlife viewing.

After checking out Triplet Lake, you can go past the launch area and under the Triplet Lake drive bridge. This will bring you into another large body of water which connects to two smaller lakes. The last lake in the chain is called Queens Mirror.

If you are interested in doing any fishing these lakes are great spots. Large bass can be found on both lakes, but some of the biggest are in Queens Mirror.

While the lakes are normally quiet and easy to paddle, if you get stuck out there with a storm coming in, the wind can become tough. Make sure you check the forecast and keep an eye on the sky so you do not have to fight your way back to shore.

Who is Going to Love It

People who enjoy being out on a calm lake will have a great time at Secret Lake and Triplet Lake. Both are fairly easy to paddle, which makes them fun for beginners.

Directions, Parking, & Regulations

There is a large parking lot located near the Secret Lake Park Recreation Center. Once parked, you can either walk your boat over to Secret Lake or use the launch area for Triplet Lake. Both parking and access to the lakes are free. Restrooms are available near Secret Lake.

Canoe and kayak rentals are available Monday through Friday at the Secret Lake Park Recreation Center. If you are interested in renting over the weekend make sure to reserve your boat in advance by calling (402) 262-7700 Ext. 1575.

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Secret Lake and Triplet Lake

200 N. Triplet Lake Drive
Casselberry, FL, 32707
28.674132, -81.326772

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