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Wekiwa Springs State Park includes over 15 miles of trails for mountain bikers. The trails are well maintained and wide, allowing you to quickly explore the park.

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15.0 miles

There are over 15 miles of trails here.

Destination Distance From Downtown

22.7 miles


4 of 5 diamonds

Time To Complete

2 hours

With over 15 miles of trails, riders could easily spend a couple hours here.


All Seasons

Dog Friendly


Fees Permits


$6 per vehicle



Wekiwa Springs State Park has been an institution for years. Even if you have never visited you may have seen the line of cars waiting to get in. While everyone always talks about the spring they tend to leave out the great biking trails that are available. Wekiwa Springs State Park offers over 16 miles of trails for you to check out. 

What Makes It Great

Wekiwa Springs has one main biking trail that is 7.75 miles long. In addition to the biking trail riders are welcome to use the 8 mile horse trail. Both of these trails take you along the park boundaries and give you a full experience of the landscape. The trails are well maintained and wide, but due to the nature of the area the trails can be sandy and difficult to travel. If you have ever pedaled through loose sand you’re probably nodding right now. If you’re not afraid of a challenge these are the trails for you. After your ride you will be grateful for a swim in the spring.

In order to access the trails you will enter the park and continue to the central trailhead near Sand Lake. After you park there you will be able to start your ride on either the green-blazed horse trail or the red-blazed bike trail.

After traveling about 1.5 miles north you’ll find a split in the trail. The green blazed horse trail will continue north and west while the bike trail only goes north. If you’re looking for a shorter ride, this is a good turn to take. The horse trail will cut across the interior of the park and shave off around 3 miles from your ride. If you’re up for the full 7.75 miles continue north.

As with any location in Florida rain is always an issue. Be sure to check the forecast for rain as the trails can get muddy. Also, be aware that the biking trails are more exposed to the sun than the hiking trails. Due to these open areas take special precautions to protect yourself against the sun and heat.

Who is Going to Love It

Due to the variety of trails at Wekiwa Springs State Park everyone is sure to find something to love. You can bring the whole family and put together a short ride or go solo and tackle the whole bike trail.

Directions, Parking, & Regulations

When you arrive at the Wekiwa Springs you will drive past the springs area and head towards the trailhead at Sand Lake. This will be the start of both the biking and horse trails. There is a parking lot and restrooms nearby.

Keep in mind that this park can get extremely busy during the summer and weekends. Don’t be surprised to find a line of cars at the entrance waiting to get in. You’re best bet is to get to the park as early as possible and then continue to the central trailhead. By going further into the park you’ll leave most of the crowds behind as they head to the springs. Remember this is a state park so an entrance fee will apply.

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