Pine Cone Ridge Mountain Biking

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Part of the Park City Trail network, this trail offers fun, intermediately difficult riding and connects to several other classic trails.

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0.0 miles

Destination Distance From Downtown

23.7 miles


3 of 5 diamonds


Time To Complete

1 hours

1.5-3 hours


Spring and Summer

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This is a new trail segment that has really opened up new, quality rides in Park City. For anything from a quick loop or out `n' back from the Park City side to a mega loop option from the Salt Lake/Millcreek side, the Pinecone Ridge Trail replaces a couple of long, steep, arduous double track hill climbs with an ultra classic serpentine high alpine single track that won't disappoint. 

What Makes It Great

Pinecone Ridge gives you a few different options. Out `n' Back: Start on Spiro Trailhead. Park at the Park City Mountain Resort. Get to the actual trailhead by riding back out to Silver King Drive and head west towards the mountain. Turn right onto Three Kings, followed by the first left onto Crescent Drive. The Spiro trailhead will be straight up the hill from here. It is well marked. 

Shortly into the climb, you're given the option of staying on Spiro or taking Armstrong. Spiro is a bit easier and multi-directional. Armstrong is harder and is for uphill riding only. If staying on Spiro, ride it uphill for roughly 2 miles. It’s a smooth, well-maintained climb with lots of switchbacks and lots of traffic. Beware, though, this is a two-way trail and the banked turns and rollers make it an absolute blast to ride downhill. In other words, downhill mountain bikers may be in a hurry. Don’t ride up Spiro with your music on—you’ll want to hear if someone’s coming. Take a right onto HAM, which will take you over to the last bit of upper Armstrong. Stay left (uphill) on Armstrong. Continue on Armstrong until it ends at Mid Mountain. Take a hard left onto Mid Mountain Trail. Hang a right on Pinecone Ridge after approx. 0.6 miles. Ride Pinecone Ridge Trail for approximately 4 miles to its end on a definitive panoramic ridge. This is the start of the Wasatch Crest trail. When ready, turn around and bomb back down Pinecone, taking a hard right back on to Mid Mountain, followed by a left onto Spiro. Follow Spiro back down to where you started. This ride will be about 18 miles. You can continue straight past Spiro on Mid Mountain and drop back to the resort on Crescent Mine Grade (CMG). This route adds a couple of miles and will probably have fewer bikers coming the other way. However, Crescent Mine Grade is a popular equestrian trail, so watch for horses (they have the right-of-way) and watch for poo (horse people are not required to clean up after their animals).

This is a high elevation ride, so be prepared for thinner air. If you live near sea level, you will fatigue much more quickly at 7,000 or 8,000 feet. Also, weather in the mountains can be very unpredictable. Be prepared for the worst. Carry a light rain jacket, even during the summer. An extra layer may be necessary in the spring and fall. 

Who is Going to Love It

As with most of the mountain biking in Park City, the Pinecone Ridge Trails are best suited to intermediate and expert riders.

Directions, Parking, & Regulations

Parking is at the Park City Mountain Resort. It’s plentiful and free. There are no official hours, and this area of trails is a locals’ favorite for night rides.

There is a very well marked trail system in Park City. A link to a map is here.

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