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This course is filled with doglegs, narrow fairways and long hole.

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4 of 5 diamonds

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French Creek State Park's disc golf course is one of the hardest ones in the area. It is heavily wooded, the fairways are super long and narrow, and there are a lot of doglegs. This course can become frustrating if you have never played before. If you have played disc golf before you will truly enjoy this course. French Creek State Park's course is all throughout the forest in the park which makes the walk fun. It will get crowded as soon as the weather is warm so be sure to check it out but keep in mind you could have to wait to tee off.

What Makes It Great

The difficulty of this course makes it awesome for someone who has played disc golf before. It truly tests your skills and patience with the heavily wooded holes, the narrowness and the doglegs. Right off the back you will be tested the first hole has you throwing into the wood but the third hole is a par 5 that's around 800 ft. You have to prove that you know what you are doing quickly.

Another great part about this course is being in the woods it is shaded so if you play in the summer there will be some relief from the sun. The tee boxes are well kept and the holes are marked well it is easy to get from hole to hole without getting lost.  With the course being in the park there are a lot of things to do other than play disc golf. It is common for people to run or bike, have a picnic and then play a round of 18.

French Creeks course can be challenging if you have not played it before. It will test your patience and frustrate you if you have a few bad throws. This is why its a great course because it takes a lot of skill to play this course correctly.

Who is Going to Love It

The people that are going to love this course are people who have some skill and have played disc golf before. They will enjoy all of the difficulties that it has to offer. With the narrowness of the fairways, the heavily wooded hole and big dog legs you will have to bust out a variety of throws to get you to the baskets. If you truly enjoy playing disc golf in the woods you will dig this course. The park also offers other activities. There is a league you can play in it cost $5 and normally they play Sunday's and Wednesday. If you want to test yourself against some different players show up to that.

Directions, Parking, & Regulations

From downtown Philadelphia you will get onto I-76 W and head towards Valley Forge. Next is to get onto 422 W towards Pottstown. From there you will make a left onto River Bridge Road. After that you will make a left onto PA-724 W. Then its a left onto Shed Rd which will change to Crusher Rd from there you’ll make a left back onto Shed Rd. Make a left onto PA-345S and make a quick right onto Park Rd. Once on Park road you will drive around the lake to the parking lot near the swimming pool. After you park the first tee in a quick walk away.

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French Creek State Park

843 Park Road
Elverson, PA, 19520
40.204912, -75.791385

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