Brewed Awakening

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Brewed Awakening is a coffee shop right off the Schuylkill River Trail in Royersford.

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Scott Grayson


Brewed Awakening is a coffee shop in Royersford, one of the the suburbs of Philadelphia, that is a half mile off of the SRT. It is a bike, runner and overall friendly coffee shop. They make their coffee with beans roasted at local roaster Cafe Excellence. The serve breakfast sandwiches, offer free wifi and have a large variety of drinks. Brewed Awakening also has open mic nights, comedy events and live music on weekends. The owner is a great guy who will accommodate for you if you bring your bike into the shop. Being a half mile off the trail its the perfect spot to grab an espresso and keep on going.

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Brewed Awakening

306 Main Street
Royersford, PA, 19468
40.184196, -75.54035

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