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Estell Manor isn’t the destination riding that everyone dreams about, but it is the perfect opportunity to get some single-track miles in on your Jersey shore vacation.

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49.2 miles


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1 hours


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Estelle Manor



These trails are very beginner friendly with very few natural obstacles. The trails are quite possibly some of the flattest mountain bike trails anywhere. With an almost negligible amount of elevation gain throughout an entire loop. Most of the trails twist and turn through the sandy woods, with the occasional log over or other optional feature. The trails seem to want to split in many directions at times, but know this is usually to avoid or add in a fun feature.

What Makes It Great

The best part of the riding at Estell Manor is the location. For many people in the Philadelphia region the New Jersey shore is a typical summer vacation, and many people tend to put their bike on the shelf during those days away. The trails at the Estell Manor offer a perfect excuse to bring your mountain bike along on that vacation. With a full loop running around 6 miles, there is just enough trail here to entertain you, and keep you away from those flat windy road miles.

Most of the trails are a hard pack mixture of dirt and sand. The sand is packed enough to allow for fun safe riding, but aerated enough to allow for amazing drainage when it rains. These trails will not only allow you to get some fun riding in during your vacation, but they also will stay fun after those summer rain storms.

Who is Going to Love It

This is an amazing place to learn how to mountain bike as a beginner. The trails are very tame, but still offer tons of opportunity for enjoyment. If you are a more experienced rider, take the time to appreciate the fact that you are riding mountain bikes this close to the beach. The Estell Manor trails are also a great opportunity to get in some single track cyclocross miles, if you are looking to challenge yourself a bit more.

Directions, Parking, & Regulations

Estell Manor is located near May’s Landing, approximately 20 minutes from Ocean City, NJ. The trails are located on the Northern edge of the park. There is a small lot off of State Highway 50 with easy access to the trails, but if you miss this lot the trails are easily accessible from the park’s main entrance.

As you enter the main entrance there is parking immediately to the left by the visitor center, or straight ahead by the playground, but once you travel straight through you are on a one way loop that runs through the park. This means as you leave you will have to drive the length of the road before exiting. To get to the trail head, continue heading left as you enter the park past the visor center which will be on your right, as you cut across the main road towards a less traveled jeep trail. This trail will run straight for roughly 2 miles before dropping off at the mountain bike trail head.

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Estelle Manor

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