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The trails at White Clay and Middle Run are some of the most flowing trails you can imagine, in an easily navigable setting.

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White Clay has a 35+ mile trail system.

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White Clay - Mountain Bike



White Clay and Middle Run are the perfect relief to the rocky single track that is common on the east coast. Much of the riding here mimics that of a pump track. After short hard climbs you get fun pay off descents that can be enjoyed by pumping and energizing the bike without pedaling. There are a limited number of technical features, among miles of fun single-track. Both parks sit right next to each other and for this reason are often lumped together in one group.

What Makes It Great

If you ever ride the trails at White Clay and Middle Run challenge yourself to not smile, it’s impossible. These trails are just too much fun for anyone to not like them, they really are the closest thing bike wise to riding a roller coaster. The dips and dives of the trail constantly keep you on the edge, and you find the faster you go the more fun it becomes. If you follow this pattern you’ll find that these relatively pacified trails are actually very exhausting.

Unlike other trails weather is a major factor with this trail system. With very few rocks and roots to really help with drainage, riding in wet conditions at White Clay and Middle Run is very frowned upon. Avoiding these trails during those times has made the trails that much more fun during warmer and dryer times. Not riding in mud means less ruts, and more packed smooth fun.

Who is Going to Love It

With very few natural obstacles these trails are loved by all types of riders. Beginners enjoy there tame nature, and just by adding a bit of speed they easily become more challenging and enjoyable for an advanced rider. White Clay is a perfect place for a group ride of a mixed skill set. Everyone can ride at their comfortable space without anyone waiting too long.

Directions, Parking, & Regulations

There are numerous parking opportunities for this trail system and some do charge a parking fee through an enforced honor system. One of the popular parking lots on the Eastern edge of the Parks is the Judge Morris Area lot. This lot gives you immediate access to a short 4 mile loop with the remaining White Clay and Middle Run trails located on the other side of Polly Drummond Hill Rd.

The layout of the trails differ throughout the park all differ, some sections are loops, and others are cutoffs or more out and back style. This layout matched with the windy nature of the trails makes it easy to get turned around pretty quickly. Fortunately at any point you’re not far from trail heads or landmarks but it’s in your best interest to print off a map or pick one up in a parking lot for your ride.

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White Clay - Mountain Bike

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