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Wissahickon Valley Park is Philadelphia’s closest mountain biking area.

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Joe Liston


10.0 miles

Trail ranges from 10-20 miles.

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7.0 miles


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Wissahickon - Mountain Biking



The Wissahickon is the closest mountain biking to Philadelphia, and for an urban trail network it is amazing how many unique trails flow through the park. These trails are by far some of the most popular in the area. This is not a middle of nowhere quiet trail, but expect some of the most unique trails you have ever ridden.

What Makes It Great

Anyone in the Philadelphia area who considers themselves a mountain biker has ridden “The Whiss”, and with individual trail nicknames like “The Monster” you are in for a workout. Expect steep technical climbs and descents, logs, rocks, roots, creek crossings, and plenty of other riders and runners.

This trail system is best ridden as a loop, with use of the Forbidden trail as a bailout option or a good way to get in a shorter ride. If planned properly the Wissahickon trails offer the perfect opportunity to ride to the ride as well. There are plenty of natural sights to take in as well as man-made, and Old Philly style buildings and architecture to take in as well. Many people often mention how surprised they are that one of their most memorable mountain bike rides besides the stereotypical Whistler or Moab ride, are these trails in Philadelphia.

Who is Going to Love It

These trails are going to be best enjoyed by intermediate and advanced riders, because of their technical nature. Beginner riders may enjoy connecting some single track with the intertwining Forbidden rail trail as a good trail alternative. Some of the trails are actually difficult and others just seem challenging because of their layout, for example a few have some ledges that run next to them. These are some of the most popular trails in the area, it is impossible to not see other people out enjoying the trails rain or shine.

Directions, Parking, & Regulations

Unlike most trails that have a main trail head, these trails have tons of access points throughout. Parking is not restricted to one location but one of the most popular lots to park in is at the Valley Green Inn off of Valley Green Rd or Wises Mill Rd depending on which side of the park you enter on.

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Wissahickon - Mountain Biking

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