Joesph Plumb Martin Trail

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The Joseph Plumb Martin Trail is a paved trail around Valley Forge National Park that allows you to see the park in a different way.

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Josh Sutterfield


6.6 miles

Destination Distance From Downtown

16.7 miles


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Time To Complete

1 hours

1 - 2 hours


All Seasons

Dog Friendly


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Joesph Plumb Martin Trail



Joseph Plumb Martin Trail does a great job showing you the outskirts of Valley Forge National Park. This is the perfect run or walk for you to do with friends and family. Its an easy run through a local national park. This trail is 6.6 miles long with one steep hill otherwise its rolling hills. This trail is the most popular trail in the park. In the spring through fall is very popular and heavily used. You are likely to see a large groups of people along the trails looking at the log cabins, monuments and landmarks throughout the park.

What Makes It Great

The ease of this run makes it great, because it allows for all people with all ability levels to have fun running. There is one steep hill thats short in the beginning of the loop but other then that it is all rolling hills. This is a perfect place for a longer run for the less experienced or you could use it as a place to do tempo runs. The rolling hills help keep you thinking about the run - you can't slack off during the run as if it were flat the entire way around the park.

The sights along the trail make it fun to run, you always have something different to look at. From this trail you can jump off and use some of the other trails within the park. Also along this trail you will be able to see most of the big monuments. It also allows you to see the park without dealing with the car traffic. The big plus about this trail is that it is paved the entire way around the park. This is a perfect place to prepare for a longer race or just have a fun day running through a beautiful park.

Who is Going to Love It

Anyone who enjoy running will like this loop due to the easiness of it. More specifically people who like to look at something while the run are truly going to enjoy this trail. It also has a lot of historical landmark along the loop so if you are looking for a cool way to look at the encampment of Valley Forge and it’s landmarks this is the perfect trail. While running you will see all skill levels present. You are also likely to encounter people walking, riding bikes, and people on horseback.

Directions, Parking, & Regulations

The best and easiest place to park for this trail is by the visitor center. If you are heading west on I-76 you will stay on I-76 until you come to the US 422-W. Once on US 422-W you will take the PA 23 W exit and continue onto PA 23 W/ W Valley Forge Road. Once on this road you will enter the park and make a right for the visitor center and parking area. From this parking lot it is very easy to access the trail. You will just follow the paved path to the Joseph Plumb Martin Trail.

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Joesph Plumb Martin Trail

Valley Forge, PA,
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