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The perfect place for a shaded long run on the weekends.

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Josh Sutterfield


20.0 miles

The full trail is 20 miles one way.

Destination Distance From Downtown

18.6 miles


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Time To Complete

1 days


All Seasons

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The Perkiomen Trail runs from Oaks to Green Lane and is 20 miles long if you were complete it from end to end. The entire trail is marked every quarter mile to let you know how far you have gone. The trail is made of soil with tiny gravel stone and a few small sections have been paved due to erosion. It is a flat trail that is groomed regularly. This is the perfect place for you to go for a slower longer run because of the distance or a shorter faster one because it is marked well.

What Makes It Great

This trail is perfect for a lot of things. The best one is long easy runs where you are not worried about the time spent running. You could also do mile repeats, temp runs or fartleks on it since there are markers every quarter miles. The overall flatness of the trail makes it a faster trail. When on this trail you will feel like you are barely moving and then you will check your watch and be amazed at how fast you are actually moving. It just has a smooth ride feel to it, probably because it is so well kept and groomed.

Most of the trail is covered by trees, making it cooler while you are running. All along the trail there is nature and once you get into the Spring Mountain area you will be running along the water. While running on this trail you are going to notice that it is heavily used most of the time you will see other runners, bikers and people walking. It is a nice chunk of trail that people use regularly. The Perk Trail is the perfect trail to make a staple in your running agenda.

Who is Going to Love It

Everyone who spends time on this trail is going to dig it. Since it there is not many hills, and is basically flat anyone could come and run on it. This is technically a trail but you don't have to have trail specific shoes to run on it which is a huge plus. It is so heavily used the trail is packed well making it smooth. People who are serious runners also will enjoy this trail because it has the distance you would want for a solid workout.  Also with it being flat it is a fast trail which will allow you to get some high intensity workouts in. You are likely to run into other people on this trail because everyone who has run on it has liked it.

Directions, Parking, & Regulations

To get to the official starting point of the Perkiomen Trail you are going to have to take I-76W towards Valley Forge. You will stay on I-76W until you get onto 422-W towards Valley Forge. Once on 422-W you will take the the Egypt Road/Oaks Exit and at the bottom of the exit ramp make a right onto Egypt Road. Next is a quick right onto New Mill Road, once on that you will see a parking lot on your right. Park you are and walk to the paved trail and you will see the Perkiomen Trail Sign.

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Perkiomen Trail - Trail Running

101 New Mill Road
Oaks, PA, 19456
40.12959, -75.446849

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