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Valley Green is the ideal place for a run in the woods with some historic scenery.

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Varies, depending on what trail you get on.

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The Valley Green Area of Wissahickon Valley Park is full of trails that are rustic and have plenty of historic landmarks along them. This set of trails allows you to run under the shade of trees along the creek in the park. It isn't a challenging run but its has its moments. The cool part about this trail is that along the trail there is the Valley Green Inn and tons of old building that are starting to fall down. Its you different type of trail run. It is in the same set of parks as the Forbidden Drive Trail.

What Makes It Great

The best about these trails is that you can find a new run every time you are out there. There are so many trails within this area of the park. All throughout you are going to be running on dirt with roots and a few rocks. Some of the trails will be technical but most of them are going to be manageable if you aren't an experienced in trail running. There were a lot of factories and mills in the area in previous centuries so while running you are likely to run into some of these ruins. It makes the run a little more enjoyable.

Another cool aspect of these trails is that you can stop during the run and grab something to eat at the Valley Green Inn. It is also considered a National Natural Landmark. This historic area of Philadelphia is under used and these trails will allow you to explore this in a new way. Another big bonus about these series of trails is that is is only 7 miles away from downtown Philadelphia. The chunk of land makes you feel like you are farther from Philadelphia then you truly are.

Who is Going to Love It

People who enjoy running a different trail every time you go to the same park will enjoy Valley Green. Runners who are looking for a variety in terrain will also enjoy these trails due to the ability to run all of the different bike trails. You are going to be able to find single track running if that's what you're looking for or you could run on the bigger wider path. While running here you are also likely to run into people hiking and riding their bikes on the trails.

Directions, Parking, & Regulations

From downtown Philadelphia you will take I-76W towards Valley Forge. Once on I-76W you will take the Lincoln Dr/Kelly Dr exit and then merge on City Ave. Next you will follow signs for Lincoln Dr. Then make a quick left onto W Cliveden St and then a right onto Wissahickon Ave. Make a left onto W Mt. Airy Ave and you will be in the park. Once you find parking you can walk to the trails.

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Valley Green - Trail Running

8708 Germantown Avenue Philadelphia
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