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Located in Portland, Evo Rock and Fitness boasts 16,000 feet of climbing surface, making it a great climbing destination for any skill level.

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Destination Distance From Downtown

2.5 miles


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Climbing itself is fairly physical, and there are different levels of difficulty involved with each route. No matter what level of difficulty you are looking for, you can find it at Evo.

Time To Complete

0 hours


All Seasons

You can climb at Evo throughout the year in any weather. Winter might be more crowded as people start to look for warmer activities.

Dog Friendly


Fees Permits


You will need either a membership or a day pass to climb. Exact rates can be found on the website. Rental equipment is also available for a fee.

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Evo Rock and Fitness



Boasting 16,000 feet of climbing surface, Evo Rock and Fitness is one of the best places to climb so close to home. No matter what your experience level for climbing is, there is something here for you. Evo has climbing walls for regular climbing, lead climbing, speed climbing, and bouldering. And if you aren’t sure what any of that means, Evo also has plenty of classes to introduce you to the sport of climbing.

What Makes It Great

What makes Evo Rock and Fitness great is a beautiful facility, a friendly staff, and a great atmosphere. Evo seeks to provide an environment where anyone with any skill level can come and enjoy the sport of climbing. They offer belaying classes as well as more technical classes such as lead climbing. 

If you aren’t interested in all the ropes and harnesses, grab a day pass, some climbing shoes and chalk, and head over to Evo’s bouldering wall. You will find routes that are fairly easy, as well as routes that leave you wondering how someone can possibly climb it. One side of the bouldering wall is flat like a normal wall, while the other half has various angles and overhangs to keep things interesting. It can be just as fun to watch experienced climbers here as it is to climb yourself. 

Evo also provides a cross-training facility with various free weights and treadmills, as well as a yoga studio, where they hold regular classes. There is also a kids climbing area.

Who is Going to Love It

One of the great things about Evo is that it welcomes inexperienced climbers. They have all the equipment you could need available to rent, and they have classes to teach you the basics. There are plenty of easier climbs to make a day here just as enjoyable for newcomers as it is for climbing veterans. 

And if you are a climbing veteran, don’t let that push you away. Evo is a perfect place for experienced climbers to practice technique for harder routes or to have some fun showing people how it’s really done on the bouldering wall. And when the weather turns colder as it inevitably will in Maine, you will always have a place to go for a good climb.

Directions, Parking, & Regulations

From the downtown Portland area, take Preble Street to Baxter Boulevard and turn right. Turn left onto Vannah Avenue and continue onto Forest Avenue for 1.6 miles. Turn left onto Warren Street and your destination will be on the right. 

All guests must sign a waiver before participating on the walls. If you are under 18, a parent or legal guardian has to sign the waiver. Luckily, if you show up and find out you need a waiver and are under 18, your parents can go online and submit a waiver on Evo’s website. 

You will either need to buy a membership or a day pass in order to climb as well. You can bring your own gear if you have it. If not, everything you could need is available for rent. Exact prices can be found on the website.

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