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Speckled Mountain sits in the Maine portion of the White Mountain National Forest. It provides a good hike with rewarding views of the surrounding peaks, including a glimpse of Mt. Washington.

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6.2 miles

The trails is 3.1 miles each direction.

Destination Distance From Downtown

57.1 miles


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To tag Speckled Mountain, you will need to hike at least 6 miles total while gaining over 2,000 feet in elevation. The hiking trail itself is well-maintained making for a pleasant experience.

Time To Complete

3 hours

If you are making frequent stops it will take a little over two hours to reach the top. Most people should be able to make it up a little faster. You may to spend some time soaking in the view. The way back down should take about an hour.


Summer and Fall

The best seasons are summer and fall. Before mid-May you can expect to run into snow or heavy amounts of mud.

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Speckled Mountain sits within the Maine portion of the White Mountain National Forest along the beautiful Route 113. It is one of the taller mountains in the area, giving it a great position for scouting out the White Mountains, including Mt. Washington, and further north into Maine.

The 3.1 mile trail from the parking lot starts with the Spruce Hill trail climbing steeply. The terrain eases into more gradual climbs. After about 2 miles, meet up with the Bickford Brook Trail and take that to the peak of the 2,906' mountain. You will cross two trail junctions along the way. Be sure to stay to the left at each of these junctions on the way up, and to the right on the way down.

What Makes It Great

The best part of Speckled Mountain is the panoramic view from its peak. Most of the hike is spent in dense forest with an occasional side trail leading to only a teasing view of the mountains around it. But when you reach the top, the trees open up to bear rock and you are rewarded with a stunning view of the mountains in Maine and New Hampshire, including the top of Mt. Washington on a clear day.

Another great part of the hike is the smell. While the air is generally fresh and clean here, at times you will feel as if you have wandered into one of Maine's famous Balsam pillows, making it a great place to stop and smell the pine. And because most people who are headed to the White Mountains are looking to hike some of the more popular and larger peaks, there is a good chance you will only see a few faces along the way, including some potential time alone on the peak.

And if that all is not enough for you, the drive up Route 113 is one simply beautiful, with a thick canopy of trees and mountains lining the road. 

Who is Going to Love It

The average hiker looking for a good day trip into the wilderness will love Speckled Mountain. The trails are well-maintained and the hike is easy enough to be enjoyable for most, as well as strenuous enough for a solid workout. Families with young kids may find the hike to be a little too difficult for the children, but families with older kids may find it to be a fun family outing.

The summit with its views makes a perfect place for lunch. Just be sure to pack out any trash you bring in with you.

Directions, Parking, & Regulations

Parking is located along Route 113 in the White Mountain National Forest. The drive up should take around an hour and 44 minutes. There is a parking lot with the trailheads for East Royce and Speckled Mountain just beyond the overlook for Evan's Notch. For Speckled Mountain, the trail begins directly across the Route 113. There are no fees for parking.

The only water source for the hike is a spring just off the Red Rock Trail to the Northeast. Be sure to treat any water before drinking it. Dogs are allowed along the trail.

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Speckled Mountain

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