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This relatively new brewpub, in the heart of the Columbia River Gorge, is quickly becoming a very popular destination among beer lovers all over the area. That's what happens when you have a brewmaster who's been at it for longer than he would like to admit.

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Adam Sawyer


In the heart of the Columbia River Gorge, a relatively new brewpub in the town of Carson, WA is beginning to cause quite a stir. The Backwoods Brewing Company began when the Waters family decided to purchase and reopen the long-closed General Store in town. There was a substantial amount of space left in the storage area of the market and this family- with plenty of brewing experience over the last few generations- decided to make good use of it. Brewmaster Kevin Waters has been homebrewing beer from an age that he would probably rather not have mentioned in print. Kevin’s grandfather Cyril Black is quoted as saying that “All beer is good, just some’s better than others.” Cyril would be proud of Kevin. The beer is phenomenal and the brewpub that serves it is just as special. They’ve paid careful attention to all the things that matter and paid no mind to things that, quite simply, don't. The custom interior décor that pays homage to the local area, and a perfectly complimentary food menu ensures the place won’t be a local secret for too much longer.

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Backwoods Brewing Company

1162 Wind River Hwy
Carson, WA, 98610
45.729247, -121.82015

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