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Plenty of Portland restaurants can boast farm to table practices, but not many can claim to have their own farm. Meriweather's can. And the quality and taste of their food shows what a difference it can make.

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Adam Sawyer


Farm to Table is certainly not a new concept in Pacific Northwest cuisine. In fact, it arguably defines it. In Portland, Meriwether’s Restaurant has upped the ante by shortening the distance from the field to the plate. Over the last 3 years Meriwether’s has consistently harvested from their own 5 acre vegetable farm, just up the road in nearby Forest Park. While numerous Portland area restaurants source ingredients from local farms and farmer’s markets, having their own farm puts Meriwether’s at a distinct advantage. Since the fruits and vegetables grown at Meriwether’s Skyline farm are for their exclusive use, harvesting can be done when produce is at its absolute peak. It can also be prepared and then served in a matter of hours or days, as opposed to days or weeks. Chef Paul Mitchell prepares his dishes in a way that allows the ingredients to speak for themselves. He prefers fresh flavor to heavy handed seasoning. And according to Chef Mitchell, the level of freshness attained from having a farm as your own personal pantry is what makes the difference.    

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Meriwether's Restaurant

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