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  • Exploring Mount St. Helens 35 Years After Its Historic Eruption

  • Mount Hood Hikes: 5 Spots With Stunning Views of Oregon’s Iconic Peak

  • Suds- and Cycle-Centric Fun at Handmade Bike and Beer Festival

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  1. Winter Wonderland: 5 Gorgeous Waterfall Hikes Around Portland

    Who needs snow when you have the wondrous beauty of cascading water? These 5 waterfall hikes around Portland are breathtaking beauties.

  2. A Hike and a Movie: Your Literary Guide to the Oregon Outdoors

    The Oregon outdoors is full of inspiration for books and movies. Here, 5 spots that make an appearance in print or on the silver screen.

  3. 10 Reasons to Love the Rainy Season in Portland

    The rainy season in Portland may be, well, rainy, but it can still be amazing for outdoor lovers. Here's, 10 reasons to celebrate it.

  4. No Driving Necessary: 10 Great Portland Adventures Via Mass Transit

    Lucky for local adventurers, Portland mass transit offers ample opportunities to explore nature, no car necessary. Here, 10 of our favorites.

  5. 470 Miles of Surprises: An Adventurer’s Guide to Highway 26 in Oregon

    From coastal hikes to the state's best donuts, our guide to Highway 26 in Oregon is sure to inspire a road trip. Here, 10 must-do adventures.

  6. Fall Camping Around Portland: 5 Stunning Spots

    From family-friendly spots to hidden gems, fall camping around Portland offers a variety of spots to fit your style. Here's where to go.

  7. Pumpkin Regattas and Zombie Races in Portland: 8 Must-Do Seasonal Events

    Zombie races in Portland kick off a fall and winter roster of festive, fun, and fat-burning events sure to please any kind of adventurer.

  8. High Desert Hiking in Oregon: 5 Perfect Picks for Fall

    It's well into fall, but 70-degree weather means you can take your pick of options for high desert hiking in Oregon. Here, 5 great picks.

  9. Suds- and Cycle-Centric Fun at Handmade Bike and Beer Festival

    The Handmade Bikes and Beer Festival is a rollicking good time, with a bike-throwing contest, fun demos, and, of course, free-flowing beer.

  10. Mount Hood Hikes: 5 Spots With Stunning Views of Oregon’s Iconic Peak

    Craving a memorable way to see Oregon's most famous mountain? These Mount Hood hikes will have you savoring the views around every corner.

  11. Rolling Out a New Bike Share Program in Portland?

    This fall, Spinlister is expected to launch a revolutionary bike share program in Portland. Here's a look at how it will work.

  12. Whitewater SUP in Portland: Up-and-Coming Sport Making Waves

    The thrilling alternative to standard SUP is finding a foothold with local paddlers. Here's what to know about whitewater SUP in Portland.

  13. Labor Day Weekend in Portland: 5 Great End-of-Summer Hikes

    Still haven't made plans for your Labor Day Weekend in Portland? Get inspired by our ideas for these great end-of-summer hikes.

  14. Under Pressure: Exploring Volcanoes Around Portland

    Many people don't know there are plenty of volcanoes around Portland that are ripe for outdoor exploration. Here, five to check out.

  15. Great Places to Float Near Portland Before Summer’s Out

    There's still plenty of time left in the summer to haul out the inner tube. Here, insider tips on the best places to float near Portland.

  16. The Midnight Mystery Ride in Portland: Always a Surprise

    Portland's Midnight Mystery Ride is shrouded in secrecy—and a guaranteed good time that happens every month. Here's what you need to know.

  17. Gearing Up for the Providence Bridge Pedal

    On August 9th 2015, roughly 20,000 riders will take to the streets (er, bridges) of Portland for the annual Providence Bridge Pedal.

  18. What’s on Tap for Beers Made by Walking this Summer

    Hiking and beer are two distinctly Portland passions and the inspiration behind Beers Made by Walking. A look at what's on tap this summer.

  19. Spending Summer on Sauvie Island: One of the Largest River Islands in the US

    Sauvie Island might be one of the few regional outdoor attractions near Portland not known for its summertime offerings...but it probably should be.

  20. 8 Amazing Northwest Swimming Holes Near Portland

    The Pacific Northwest is home to stunning natural beauty and great outdoor recreation. Here are our favorite Northwest swimming holes near Portland.

  21. 5 Stunning Sunset Hikes Around Portland

    With summer in full swing, nearly every day ends with a stunning swirl of purple and pink. Here's a guide to some of the best sunset hikes around Portland.

  22. The 4th of July in Portland: 5 Places to Watch the Fireworks

    Celebrating the 4th of July in Portland? Here, 5 no-fail spots to take in the terrific fireworks displays all over the city.

  23. The World Naked Bike Ride Portland: 5 Things You Need to Know

    The World Naked Bike Ride Portland is the largest event of its kind around the world. Planning on joining? Read this first.

  24. 5 Things You Need to Know About the Ever-Popular Eagle Creek Trail

    The Eagle Creek Trail should be at the top of every hiker’s bucket list this summer. Here are some tips and insights to help make the most of a day or weekend trip along the trail.

  25. 4 Reasons Why You Should Attend the Beach Bash in Hood River

    The Beach Bash event, formerly known as Windfest, has been rebranded to showcase a broader swath of Hood River’s vibrant culture.