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  1. The 5 Best Rainy Day Runs Around Portland

    When the going gets wet, get going with five of the best rainy day runs around Portland.

  2. Exploring Mount St. Helens 35 Years After Its Historic Eruption

    Exploring Mount St. Helens, which erupted 35 years ago, can mean mountain biking, hiking, or backpacking through the recovering landscape.

  3. 5 Perfect Rides for 5 Perfect Spring Days in Portland

    With warmer temperatures and the sun shining, these five rides each offer their own unique ways to enjoy spring days in Portland.

  4. Perfect Portland Pairings: Adventure and Beer

    Just in time for warmer temps, these perfect Portland pairings are a great way to blend your favorite adventure with your favorite brew.

  5. A Quick and Dirty Guide to Trail Running Near Portland

    From Forest Park to Hoyt Arboretum, here is a guide to some of the best trail running opportunities near Portland.

  6. 10 Adventures to Make the Most of Spring and Summer in Portland

    The hardest thing about spring and summer in Portland is that there are almost always too many outdoor pursuits competing for your time.

  7. 5 Hikes With Beautiful Views on the Oregon Coast

    For jaw-dropping views and quad-burning efforts, these five hikes with beautiful views on the Oregon Coast are worth checking out.

  8. 5 of the Best Wildflower Hikes Near Portland

    Now is the time to hit the trail in search of beautiful blooms: Here, five of the best wildflower hikes near Portland Oregon.

  9. The Best Group Runs in Portland: Put Some Spring in Your Step

    Get in shape for spring and summer with the best group runs in Portland, which feature free beer, great prizes, and lots of fun with fellow runners.

  10. Chaco’s Guide to a Weekend in Portland

    From exploring the tallest waterfall in Oregon to paddling the Willamette River, here is Chaco's guide to a weekend in Portland.

  11. Three Great Hikes for Amazing Views of Downtown Portland

    For some breathtaking views of downtown Portland, plus a butt-kicking workout, check out these great urban trails.

  12. 5 of the Most Underrated Waterfalls in the Columbia River Gorge

    Portland is known for its world-class waterfalls, and there are tons of people at the popular ones. Here's a list of the less popular ones that are equally awesome.

  13. Why You Should Try Dragon Boat Paddling in Portland This Spring

    Dragon Boat paddling is quickly becoming a very popular niche hobby in Portland—here's why you should get in on the action.

  14. Best Trails in Forest Park for a Winter Run

    During the dreariest of days, here are the best trails in Forest Park for a winter run in Portland.

  15. No Skiing, No Problem: 3 Spots for Snowshoeing Around Portland

    Mitigate the mild winter with a trek to these great spots for snowshoeing around Portland.

  16. Silver Falls State Park in Winter: 3 Reasons Why You Should Visit Now

    Silver Falls State Park in winter is a magical places, with roaring waterfalls, fewer crowds, and wildlife viewings.

  17. The Best Indoor Climbing Gyms in Portland

    Winter doesn't allow for much quality outdoor climbing. When wet weather strikes, head to one of these indoor climbing gyms in Portland.

  18. 4 Things to Know About the Epic Weeklong Ride of Cycle Oregon

    The Cycle Oregon bike ride tackles a different part of Oregon each year, offering roughly 2,000 riders unprecedented challenges, rewarding viewpoints, and a connection to rural Oregon.

  19. Changes at Mt. Hood Meadows Cater to Beginners

    Mt. Hood Meadows Ski Resort, which attracts more than 400,000 visitors every season and boasts 12 chairlifts to more than 80 trails, has a few changes up its sleeve this season.

  20. Luck of the Oregon Irish: Shamrock Run Adds Half Marathon

    The Shamrock Run, the West Coast's second largest running event, returns in 2015 with a half marathon as well as other subtle changes.

  21. Worst Day of the Year Ride Returns to Portland

    After a brief hiatus in 2014, the annual Worst Day of the Year Ride is returning to Portland, and this year, there are a few new surprises.

  22. Q&A with Ultra Runner Joanna Reuland

    We sat down with Joanna Reuland to talk about her time running in Portland and how she stays committed and happy with her sport.

  23. Joanna Reuland: Footprints in Oregon

    Joanna Reuland has left her footprints on Oregon's best trails -- and will be back to run more.

  24. Exploring Siouxon Creek

    The Siouxon Creek (pronounced sou-sawn and rhyming with Tucson) is situated south of Mt. St. Helens in the wonderfully vast Gifford Pinchot National Forest.

  25. Destruction & Renewal

    Thirty-five years after the eruption of Mount St. Helens, the surrounding area is now experiencing a massive amount of renewal and regeneration.