Little Cottonwood Canyon - Climbing

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More than 120 routes and various fields in popular Little Cottonwood Canyon.

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Tom Adams

Destination Distance From Downtown

17.0 miles


3 of 5 diamonds

Time To Complete

A couple hours to a full day.

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White Pine North, White Pine South, Snowbird Boulders and many more areas are all in Little Cottonwood Canyon just minutes from downtown Salt Lake-- are perfect during a hot summer day. They all sit at about 6500 - 7000 ft with normally great summer temperatures. This is the perfect retreat after a long day at the office or at Outdoor Retailer. You will find all grades from V0 to V-Hard. Some boulders can be seen from the road on either the North or South side. Although there are some classics that involve a little hiking through a talus field.
Park your car 100 yards from the boulders on the North Side of the road (It's a huge pullout). Cross the road and head down the canyon to an obvious trail that descends to the creek. After crossing the log you will be about 50' east of the Warm Up boulder. Bring some bouldering pads and friends. If you are there in September, Snowbird offers a great change of pace during Octoberfest. White Pine South can be hard to access in the spring when there is high run off.
Plenty of routes can be found on Wikiboulder and Mountain Project

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Little Cottonwood Canyon Bouldering

Snowbird, UT,
40.57168, -111.75266

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