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A throwback to a time when skiers all drove beaters and knew Hot Dog The Movie word-for-word.

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Powder Mountain is different. A well-planned day at this Eden, Utah resort is unlike any other ski experience that you’ll have. At least in the U.S., that is. The difference is evident even before you arrive at the resort. The feeling of a unique experience begins on the steep, twisty, white knuckle two-lane that takes you to the resort and lasts until you catch the final shuttle from Powder Country on legs that can barely hold you up.

What Makes It Great

Powder Mountain is a time machine that takes you back to a time when ski resorts were all about skiing, not about “networking” or impressing your in-laws. This is evident in everything from the sub-$70 adult all-day lift tickets to the school-bus-shuttle-served side country.

From the moment you pull into the parking lot, you’ll feel like you just arrived on the set of an ‘80s ski movie. The lodge gives you a sense of what T.J. Burke’s dorm room must have felt like. There’s certainly nothing pretentious about Powder Mountain—this is the kind of down-to-Earth, real-deal ski resort that gets every ski bum’s blood pumping. If you’re looking for valet parking and a bathroom attendant, head to Deer Valley. If good-ol’ grits-‘n-gravy powder skiing is your thing, Powder Mountain is your paradise.

Powder is just over an hour from Salt Lake City. The last 15 or 20 minutes of the drive are spent on the aforementioned sketchy two-lane. Maybe that’s what keeps the crowds away. Whatever the reason, you’ll have a tough time finding a crowd at Powder. So much the better. Powder’s seven lifts serve 144 runs and 2,800 acres of inbounds terrain. That’s less than half the story, however. Powder has a shuttle (really just an old school bus) that serves an additional 1,200 acres of un-groomed, un-gladed, and un-patrolled side country. 

Translation: incredible powder skiing exactly the way it would have looked to 19th-century wagon-train folks. Not only that, Powder Mountain runs its own snow cat shuttle service. Sound expensive? A snow cat ride, which gives you access to 700 acres of terrain that no lift services, will set you back $18. That’s not a typo.

Who is Going to Love It

If lapping groomers is your thing, Powder Mountain has plenty of fine groomed trails. In fact, 65% of the 144 inbounds trails are beginner or intermediate. So this is a truly family-friendly mountain. However, the folks who will truly appreciate Powder’s slightly off-kilter additions of shuttle-access side-country and cat skiing are the powder nuts.

Directions, Parking, & Regulations

There’s plenty of parking at the main lodge or across the road in the Sundown area. Day skiing goes from 9AM to 4PM and night skiing is from 3PM to 10PM. Night skiing is permitted in the Sundown area only. It’s important to note that there is no lodging at Powder Mountain. There is, however, plenty of lodging just down the road in Eden Valley.

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Powder Mountain Resort

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