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  1. The Pride and Joy of the Uinta Mountains: Lofty Lake Loop Trail

    The Lofty Lake Loop trail is one of the most popular hikes in the Uinta Mountains. Jammed packed with alpine lakes, meadows, peaks and only four miles in length it’s easy to see why.

  2. All Aglow: 4 Great Fall Foliage Hikes in the Wasatch

    Southern Utah shows off its true colors each autumn, but you have to know where to look. Here, great fall foliage hikes in the Wasatch.

  3. Best Hikes in Logan Canyon

    Perfect for all abilities, the Logan Canyon trails range from easy strolls by the river to steep and rugged outings with astounding views.

  4. One of the Highest Mountain Roads in Utah: Mirror Lake Scenic Byway

    The Mirror Lake Scenic Byway is a 42-mile stretch of State Road 150 that has numerous scenic overlooks, waterfalls, lakes, trails, and campgrounds.

  5. Salt Lake Skier's Totally Necessary Checklist

    With ski season 2015-2016 right around the corner, our thorough pre-season checklist will help you make the most of your time on the slopes.

  6. Utah Yurt Trips 101: How To Plan and Where To Go

    A yurt trip is almost guaranteed to be a highlight of your ski season. Here's a primer on planning, including top spots for Utah yurt trips.

  7. How SheJumps in Salt Lake is Taking This Winter by Storm

    SheJumps is helping take Utah's female outdoor athletes to new heights this winter with classes, trainings, and the lure of the girafficorn.

  8. Backpacking Trips in Southern Utah: Discovering the Desert in Fall

    With sunshine galore and fewer crowds, backpacking trips in Southern Utah are prime for the picking in fall. Here, three to tackle now.

  9. Explore the Best Hiking and Kayaking Near Bullfrog Marina on Lake Powell

    Bullfrog Marina has the highest concentration of hikes on the north end of Lake Powell, including Moqui Canyon and Crystal Springs Canyon.

  10. Utah's Alpine Playground: Cedar Canyon

    Find unbeatable scenic views, beautiful alpine forests, and ancient lava fields as you journey through Cedar Canyon.

  11. A Journey Through Time: Highway 12

    This is 122.863 miles (to be exact) of pure driving bliss. Welcome to Utah’s Scenic Byway 12, also known as “A Journey Through Time Scenic Byway.”

  12. A Hidden Gem in San Juan County: Muley Point Overlook

    Offering one of the most commanding views in Canyon Country, Muley Point Overlook showcases endless canyons and sweeping desert vistas.

  13. Remnants of the Puebluan Past: Cliff Dwellings

    Of all of the ancestral Pueblo dwellings dotting San Juan County, none catches the attention quite as much as Cliff Dwellings.

  14. Exploring Utah's First National Monument: The Natural Bridges Hiking Loop

    Utah’s first National Monument, Natural Bridges sits atop Cedar Mesa in San Juan County, northwest of Blanding and Monticello, beckoning adventurers of all kinds.

  15. Utah's Most Visited Alpine Peak: Bald Mountain

    The hike up Bald Mountain is less than 1,300 feet from the trailhead, making it one of the easiest reached peaks above 11,000 feet in Utah.

  16. An Off-the-Beaten-Path Gem: Thousand Lakes Mountain

    The funny thing about Thousand Lake Mountain is there aren't actually very many lakes there. But that doesn't mean you should skip out on this scenic, off-the-beaten path destination.

  17. Utah's Shingle Creek Trail Offers High-Altitude Hiking and Shelter from the Heat

    The Shingle Creek Trail on the western edge of the Uinta Mountains offers a great hike or overnight trip in a forested mountain setting.

  18. A Rafting Trip for the Ages: The San Juan River

    Few other river trips offer the kind of robust diversity that the San Juan River offers—namely, world-class rapids, amazing vistas, and wildly unique places to explore.

  19. Ancient Ruins in a Deserted Valley: Hovenweep National Monument

    The multi-storied towers at Hovenweep National Monument cover an expanse of more than 20 miles throughout a wilderness of mesas and canyons sparsely dotted with sage and juniper.

  20. A Cathedral Unlike Any Other: Valley of the Gods

    The Valley of the Gods offers amazing views and beautiful sand structures with fewer crowds than in its neighbor, Monument Valley.

  21. Bear Lake: The Caribbean of the Rockies

    With everything from swimming and paddling to watersports and fishing, Bear Lake is an adventure all its own.

  22. Art, History, and Geology Converge at Moqui Cave

    Moqui Cave offers a quirky look at one family’s eccentric art collection and a showcase of geological rarities in southern Utah.

  23. An Outdoor "Museum" of Epic Proportions: Grand Gulch

    Often called an “outdoor museum” because of its dense concentration of Ancestral Puebloans’ ruins and rock art, Grand Gulch is a destination that offers many opportunities for exploration and discovery.

  24. Family-Friendly Mountain Biking at Eagle Rise

    Eagle Rise is a great spot for families looking to get out for a fun mountain bike ride together, and to catch some spectacular views.

  25. A Peerless Roadside Wonder: The Singing Canyon

    Of all the stops on Burr Trail Road, there’s really nothing like the Singing Canyon at an inconspicuous turnoff 11 miles down from the starting point.

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