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  1. Rise and Shine: Best Places to See a Sunrise in San Francisco

    Sunsets are spectacular in the City by the Bay. But rouse yourself for a sunrise in San Francisco, and you can savor the amazing views solo.

  2. The Best Places to See the Sunset in SF: 7 Sublime Spots

    From a dramatic Marin overlook to a panoramic hill in the South Bay, here the best places to see the sunset in SF and beyond.

  3. Q&A with San Francisco Runner Blane Bachelor

    Blane Bachelor, San Francisco runner, talks about her commitment to the sport and what makes California a runner's paradise.

  4. Ski Season 2014/2015 in California: What’s New

    Here's what to know for ski season 2014/2015 in California, which is right around the corner.

  5. Education Outside: Instilling a Love of the Outdoors in Children

    Education Outside is a San Francisco organization that ensures for many elementary students in the area that school time is play time.

  6. Fly Fishing in San Francisco: Get Hooked on the Sport

    With the launch of Patagonia's Simple Fly Fishing Kit, Fly Fishing in San Francisco will become more accessible for entrants into the sport

  7. Mountain Bike Hall of Fame Set To Open in Marin

    The sport of Mountain Biking was founded in Marin County, across the bridge from San Francisco. It's hall of fame is now moving back home.

  8. Q&A With Adventure Out: Bay-Area Based Survival Training

    An education in survivalism and advanced primitive skills, including tide-hanning, bow-making, and animal tracking.

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