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Best stop for a tasty smoothie, bowl, or quick meal - very healthy and eco-friendly!

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Jack Rogan


Serving all natural, refreshing food, Backyard Bowls provides the perfect compliment to the Santa Barbarian's active lifestyle.  They specialize in extraordinary Acai bowls blended with other fresh fruits and topped with all kinds of delicious, healthy add-ons like granola, natural yogurt, bee pollen, Maca, Goji berry, honey, and more.  Start the day off strong with a full-bodied breakfast bowl or cool off after an adventuresome day in the sun with a smoothie.  If you wear yourself out hiking, paddling, surfing, cycling, or running in the area a large "backyard bowl" will fill you up with the exact fuel you need to keep playing hard and enjoy more of this incredible city.
Two local surfers founded this smoothie and bowl bar, naming it after one of their favorite breaks in Hawaii, so they could share their favorite sustainable foods with the Santa Barbara community.  A certified Green Business, they give you the freshest, healthiest, and most eco-friendly source of nourishment and welcome you like you were enjoying a smoothie in their own backyard.  With a downtown location just half a block off State St. and half a mile from the beach, a "backyard bowl" is within easy reach by foot or bicycle!  If you're coming from a backcountry hike or further up the coast, check out their Goleta and La Cumbre locations as well.
Here's a link to their website - they even do online orders for in-store pickup!

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Backyard Bowls

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